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#1 [es] 

honoured Mabreka:

I write this letter with mixed emotions as ive come accross some truths for me that i will detail in this letter.

It was an autumm the date has been forgotten by me as my work as crafter for my Shizu takes me to far away places, and in this case deep into the Land of Continuity in search for materials. After days of digging and selecting the finest materials I was able to harvest decided to go back home to Min-Cho, as i was coming back i got attacked by a pack of kirostas, being weary and tired and thus unable to fight i ran and found safety in a crevice in the walls.

This crevice stretched long and deep for what i could see, it took me a day to recover from the kirosta poison and seeing the place right, having my senses back and my natural curiosity restored i walked a few steps into the it, after walking about 700mts found some old ragged clothes and a tube made out of bark containing a letter, i will not write down what the letter said, but the contenst of it shook every fiber in me, things i've suspected for years and laid asleep were awake now, the doubts of my early youth came back.

As ma'kwai should know my parents were zoraï kamists living in the lakes region, i was given the mask like Zoraïs do and then i became a karavan, as my natural incination was to disregard the kamis as divine entities as they were unable to fight goo by themselves, as a follower of jena I thought that the karavans weren't created by atys or by anything atysian , but rather foreigners stranded pushing hominkind for their goals. Then came the Second Kitin Swarming and the Kamis gave my Shizu and me a new home in the Kami oasis, and I saw goodness in Kamis.

Years have passed since then, i went back to my labours forgetting all this and assuming as Awakened in the Thoecracy, to which im very proud to serve.

Yet my doubts are back, and this time i have the feeling of certainty that my suspicions were right, there's part of the past of Hominity that has been conceiled by karavan and the kamis cant answer, they both arent divine and dont answer to a god, and since i cant trust the story that has been given to us im inclined to go deeper into the Prime Roots to find the truth (im almost sure that there's no dragon there).

I do believe in Hominity and that we can make of atys a better place, Im still commited to fight the goo as i know what it does to our planet, I do align with the kamis not out of devotion, blind fate or possesion, but rather out of the conviction that they belong to atys as much as we do. I still vow to respect all homins regardless of their belief, but since my views seems to start to distance from the ones of the Theocracy, i'd leave up to you to decide if i should still be regarded as a Zoraï Awakened.

However i'll still protect my dear Min-Cho and the Witherings in any way i deem necessary, and whatever leadreship i have will have to be derived from its people and the rest of homins, i need no Titles to get recognition and neither do i want recognition

If any of the Awakened read this remember you can always count with my help

Sincerely Yours


#2 [en] 

Dear Awakened Astarth,

Maybe I can give you an advice if you would like to hear it? I have only recently become Awakened, together with Awakened Zurchkuchna from Hoi-Cho. Still - or maybe even because of this - I'd like to share informations with you that you might find interesting:

During the last Assembly in Zora I have asked Sage Supplice / Sorrow / Bai Ji-Mao "der Leidende" in public about the possibility for an Awakened to be a Jenaist - a Kami-believer who considers Jena as the goddess of the Kami like it has been the usual thing for us Zorai before Ma-Duk has revealed himself to our Grand Sage Hoi-Cho. I was told that it would be alright, since Jenaism is also a form of Kamism.

On the other hand the wise Sages Sens / Sense / Gangi Cheng-Ho and Season / Saison have told Awakened Zurchkuchna and myself that the ONLY requirement to become an Awakened is to be a loyal servant of the Theocracy! Revealingly Awakened Zurchkuchna and myself only had to show proof of our dedication towards the Zorai by our title-insignias of "Guardians of the Theocracy" before taking the rite to become Awakened. We were not asked to show proof of our Kamist-beliefs.

So I became Awakened even though I am still Theist/Gnostic - with the highest reputation possible for both Kami and Karavan but without swearing loyalty to either of them. Still I have to admit that, despite being grateful to the Karavan for the help they have provided for hominity in the recent past, I certainly love the Kamis even more deeply and that I absolutely respect their position within the Theocracy... And Awakened Zurchkuchna is known as a very loyal Kami-believer, even though he did not have to prove it.

Maybe this is the crucial part: you are not only "just" an Awakened, but also a political representative of the Theocracy. Which means you have to respect the authority of Ma-Duk as the supreme ruler and the Kamis as political factors standing even above our Grand Sage and the Council of the Sages within our Circles... http://app.ryzom.com/app_lore/index.php?page=/projects/puben/wiki /L_ZoraiGovOrg

So if the Grand Sage Mabreka Cho, praise his wisdom, will once again be gifted with decisive words by Ma-Duk or by the Kamis you would have to obey these words as a political representative. In the end this will be the crucial moment for you to sort out your true beliefs and loyalty, wouldn't it?

I am sorry that I was forced to apologize in your stead for your words of mistrust towards "the Matis" in my open letter to the chamber of Nobles. Please know that this does not mean that I disrespect you, Awakened Astarth. I believe you merely lacked information.

As I revealed in my open letter the Matis Nobles have in public and in front of their officials shown their respect towards the worries of the Zorai concerning any kind of abuse of Goo, and they have invited scholars of the Witherings to observe their dealings with the Goo Igaras to make sure that the balance of nature will be respected.

Ser Erminantius who organized the meetings of Matis-vasalls is a royal botanist; you can be assured that he must know how dangerous Goo is. And please mind that the Nobles want to find a solution to do away with the Kitin-tunnels in their own country; why for Atys' sake should they want to turn the beautiful Verdant Heights into a poisonous sea of Goo? Isn't this assumption completely illogical?

There are some ill-willed people in this world, and there are even more people who make mistakes in every group of homins, true. But who of us doesn't make mistakes sometimes? Does this make us "evil"? As you have friends within the Marauders, a group of homins that opposes all of our leaders, wants to overthrow all four Nations and rule the New Lands themselves, you should know that not every homin within a group is alike in character/personality, right?

So please do not let old prejudices and personal enemyships stain the good relations of the Theocracy with the Kingdom that we currently have. This I ask of you as the assigned Ambassador of the Theocracy to the Kingdom and as a fellow Awakened.

And on a more personal level I politely ask of you to please consider that there are a lot of good-hearted, good-willed homins on Atys who wish to work together for the best of all of us. My hope is that by discussing in a sober and fact-bound manner we can come to terms, find well-rounded compromises and can create a wonderful future together.

Zhoi, Awakened from Hoi-Cho

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#3 [es] 

regarding the issue of the matis solution, is up to them, should they fail and perish on their attempts to find a solution is up to them.

second i will excuse myself to the kingdom when i see fit, as i do know i was harsh, yet i wont apollogize to ANY of the so called scholars that provided no real solution to my suggestions, as one of them isnt even a matis subject and thus his authority to speak on behalf of the kingdom is a pure conjecture and arrogance of him.

as for me, i'll reveal what i found when time is right, as explained above ill do what i deem necessary for my people and homins. if that entails going against the self proclaimed higher powers, then so be it.

I repeat neither karavans or Kamis seem to have a divine origin to me, the first are but feeble foreigners and the second unable to reveal truths about the past of atys or to fight goo for themselves

#4 [es] 

and last, as my faith has fallen and replaced with a rather distruting eye towards the powers of atys, i renounce titles, if i am to have any real leadership it will come from my deeds, as im first and foremost a Homin. thus i placed my role in the hands of Mabreka cho, so he can decide if i am to be accepted as an awakened.

and as some homins greet each other i say to you


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