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Suboxide, let's not take this thread on yet another tangent: It is unfair anyway to compare Ari's meetings with Atys' meetings today: They take 2 times longer because we need to translate back and forth between three languages and have to wait for translators to translate and people make their replies. Meetings were shorter on Leanon, too. And I'd bet my amps they were shorter for the French players as well. So you either segregate all roleplay according to the languages or have to deal with translation time. I'd rather play with you, than without you.

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I am putting it here as here is a lot of ooc or half ooc stuff already, and I can tell only one thing: I am absolutely and definitely fed up from that picking on the Rangers. I am tired of the bullshit that not Kitins were the problem, but the Rangers, or the termites which are turned into potential monsters destroying the whole planet.

All that fuss has already much spoiled that originally pleasant event, and I am only happy when it is over. We, and btw. me not to a small share, put a lot of efforts into it, for an organization dedicated to neutrality, support and friendship with homins of all nations and creeds, as an element of friendship, mediation and harmony, fierce fighters only against the dangers threatening all hominkind.

Those who like confrontational roleplay at any price have loved to destroy that, to suspect us as reckless and ruthless adventurers, experimenting with a danger larger than Ktins, Goo, or the catastrophic sap fire of the past, namely termites, small insects feeding on dead plant material, accusations counter all reason, scientific background, and consideration for the creative work of the EM who designed that event as well as for the Ranger roleplayers. And, btw., when the Ranger players set up a player event to present and explain all interested players what they are doing, nobody of those confronting them with absurd accusations were present.

Last climax of this craze was the allegation that termites were the cause that there are no trees in the desert, a such blatant bullshit that it drove even the always friendly Kiwalie into anger and caused her quitting diplomacy in the Kingdom.

Such attitude has already severely damaged the possibilities of the kind of neutral roleplay my RP biography is inseperably linked with. This is very disappointing and I am already considering to stop RP altogether, finish the two dozens of masters still missing and wish you all fun you hopefully can have.


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral

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It's sad to see that some posters have trickily managed to kill the IC-discussion completely and make this whole thread OOC after falsely claiming that posts of other players had allegedly been OOC and such shall be "removed", shifting the blame on others...

Daomei's disappointment reminds me of young pen & paper - roleplayers trying to play wise and mighty Gandalf-like characters. But inevitably all of them end up in frustration during their first RP-session when they discover that actually playing a character who is supposed to be respected by everyone is ... plainly impossible. Also on our RL-world, no person, no organization can escape being criticized and no one is perfect, everyone will at one point make mistakes and then will be animadverted. Like Wilk Potskin.

Yes, I also think (but I don't know what the Event-team is going to work out in detail about the actual values/principles that they will present one day) that the Rangers are supposed to be an organization dedicated to neutrality, support and friendship with homins of all nations and creeds. Still, this is not how others view them any longer - especially since Wilk Potskin and/or Melga Folgore have decided to alienate the Nobles by brushing aside their political formal objections and just fetching permissions from someone else instead...

I am a bit irritated that an IC-discussion about a merely theoretical topic like Atys(!)-termites can be of such overly importance to some players (not only for Daomei!). Even though Atys is a fictive world with magic and sap, they will try to "win" debates by explaining all kinds of scientific known facts about comparable RL-stuff which means resorting to player-knowledge and with that speaking out of character (= OOC). However they will even include IC-theories about Atys-termites of their respective factions as absolute "facts" and will react really angry if their arguments are met by disbelief.

Even OOC, which is beyond me. Sorry.

Please let's not accuse only "others" as "confrontational". It's not like you have never started an argument yourself, Daomei ;) All of us were forced during RP to confront others; sometimes to protest against words or actions that had insulted our fellow players - most of the times IC, but sometimes OOC.

In March http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/16556/ we talked via Forum about "extremist" RP, and that included offensive IC-actions and IC-talk - after Icus had IC insulted Salazar and "the Matis" during the Assembly of the Akenak out of the blue, had insisted on Aniro-only-facts even after having been asked OOC to be considerate of Non-Aniro-players too, and had IC talked to his own Emperor as if his SharĂ¼k was his mere assistant or advisor...

Still back in March many posters said that extremist and even confrontational RP was fine and would even make the game more interesting. Some - like me - said that they can cope with that well if confrontational RP was kept IC-only and definitely not OOC (a border that has been repeatedly been overstepped ever since by those who claim to "merely" role-play extremists).

But if now in November I have to look at the dwindling number of political representatives and even of the shrinking audience at Assemblies, as well as listening to the unhappiness being voiced even by observers of verbal conflicts... it seems to me that the whole "yay, let's play more confrontational IC as this will add spice to the otherwise boring role-play" - idea has been proved wrong...

Players who have observed Assemblies only once and then have refrained from repeating this experience have told me that they were not able to stand
* the rigid rules preventing the audience to take part at discussions
* the arrogance of representatives / officials and their provoking ways of talking to the other nations/factions, often causing characters of the audience to leave early, some even being sent away
* the chat-chaos because of the different languages mixing
* the extreme length of Assemblies (because of translations, because of having to wait to be allowed to talk after raising your hand, because of a long list of topics and so on)
* and sometimes the illogical actions / words of political representatives that inevitably ruin the atmosphere of a simulated authentic game-world
- and so on

On the other hand there have been positive interventions by the Event-Team too, saving the day now and then. If the Event-Team had ALWAYS decided to just look the other way and let the players work things out amongst themselves and leave them alone with their frustration when having been dissed off by "officials" IC and the like, then I wouldn't be here anymore.

I think that it might be high time to talk to the Event-team OOC about what is driving too many roleplayers away nowadays and try to work together to stop this migration before there might be nearly nobody left all of a sudden...

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