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hey i accidently deleted my character, like a complete idiot, is there anyway to get it restored, i did some research and i heard having a alt made in your old characters slot could cause problems, i made a character in this slot to try and contact a csr, this character is now deleted :(, is is back to silan for me?

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Yes, creating a char in the same slot would lead to problems.
So it's good that you've created this one in an other slot.

Just go in game and do "/who gm" in the chat (without the quotes around of course) it'll show you a list of csr currently online and you can tell any of those regarding your problem - they'll be able to give you the exact details of what you should do.
But in general it involves sending an email to the support with the slot number, character name and such things.


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or do a google search on 'ryzom ceb' download it and login with account info

there are almost always csr's hanging out there now (not in the weekends then you get stuck with me most of the time), but have some patience on CEB a trick is send them a beep or say their name in chat then it flashes on their screen and have patience


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Or you can send an old-fashioned email to support@ryzom.com.  :)


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getting sorted :)

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Yay, don't forget to let us know when you're back so we can congratulate you. :o)


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resolved :D
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