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Nair-homini, Lordoy. I post this to the publish boards for the knowledge of all homins of good will.

This is a report on the Rangers meeting of (24 June 2013)

At the highest point, more than 30 homins from multiple guilds (and guildless) were gathered in Almati Woods to listen to the latest information from Wilk Potskin. I post a mostly complete transcript below, but the following information and requests came out of the meeting:

First, the Goo-diseased Rangers have been stabilized by the use of medicines, but are still attacking homins and if they leave the Kitin Lair the disease re-asserts itself. Wilk says that a well-known Zorai, Tao Sian, is studying the matter and asks that if we hear any news we communicate with either Tao Sian or with Wilk. The Rangers have been using a former member of that Ranger team to communicate. That member, Ba'Reppy, (birthname not given) is working with Tao Sian in Zora.

((ooc - emails to support-ee@ryzom.com, in character, or rp postings in the forums count as notification. If this is actually an active part of the continuing mission, I suspect NPC's will start popping up in unusual places.))

Then all present went to observe the termite mounds again (and they had many termites in them). Geyos did a brief explanation of the progress we had made on termites; we now can control them with the potions. Wilk declared the experiments a success and thanked the team leaders, but he said that Daeronn Cegrips thinks he can make his termites perform even better.

Then he called for people to attend meetings of the four Nations to explain what it is that the Rangers are trying to do with the termites and to gain approval. There was a substantial amount of commentary that the Zorai do not want to hear what we have to say. Wilk said that while most of the negotiation will be done my Ranger Ambassadors, we could help smooth the ground for them.

Chonchon made a long speech about how it is impossible to get the Nations to agree, so how are we supposed to do that? Wilk (briefly) and Bittty (at length) answered basically: "We have to try." The Powers do not give us guaranteed success, but we have to try. ((Poor Krill managed, somehow, to sort of keep up with Chonchon's speech. The transcript has been regularized to put the translation near the original. I have no idea how the translator into the French channel managed my somewhat formal English.))

Submitted with respect -- Bittty


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Homins gathered and exchanged chitchat. (Enter Wilk Potskin.)

((In most places I have edited out the original French speech and left in only Krill's translations. In a few cases I have included both.))

Wilk Potskin : So let's start this meeting.

Wilk Potskin : First, I have some news about Rangers in dark mines.

Kiwalie : ha ?

Wilk Potskin : Their health condition seem to get better since we are providing them with some medicine.

Krill trans. : Kiwalie is happy to hear this

Wilk Potskin : We will continue providing help and support them as much as we could.

Krill trans. Kiwalie : They're still attacking us anyway?

Wilk Potskin : Yes, they are still attacking nearby homins but there was also another unforeseen effect: Some corrupted Rangers really got better and try to get out of the kitin's lair. They became sick as soon as they got out. It seems they can not stand being outside at the moment.

Krill trans. Kiwalie : That's good news!

Wilk Potskin : Not really.

Bitttymacod raises his hand for attention.

Wilk Potskin : Yes Bitttymacod ?

Bitttymacod : I think that it is wonderful news that we are able to cure the sickness at all. It is unfortunate that it is not a permanent cure. Is there any further work being done?

Bitttymacod sits.

Rangini : raise finger

Wilk Potskin : We asked a well-known Zoraï, Tao Sian, about this sickness But we only spotted the problem some days ago.

Wilk Potskin : If you already heard or have information about this odd behavior, please share it with us.

Wilk Potskin : Yes, Rangini ?

Rangini : we should become real rangers, then they will not attack us?

Wilk Potskin : They attack every homins nearby, that was their order, even if those homins are Rangers.

Rangini : oh

Wilk Potskin : To speak with them, we asked a former member of their team, who had escaped the dark mines before being lost in kitin's lair.

Bitttymacod whispers to Meggy : Rangini doesn't understand that Rangers go *into* more danger, not less.

Krill trans. Kiwalie : Is he still in the kitin's lair? Can we talk to him?

Wilk Potskin : Who are you talking about ? Ba'Reppy the former member of the team ?

Krill trans. Kiwalie : Yes

Wilk Potskin : No, I think he is at Zora, talking with Tao Sian right now.

Wilk Potskin : He will help her to find a cure, we might require your help in the future. But if you find any information about this sickness, contact us !

Wilk Potskin : Next part of the meeting is about termites.

Wilk Potskin : Let's go to see them.
Bitttymacod : time to go look at the termites

Krill trans.: Kiwalie's eyes sparkle

Bitttymacod : Kiwalie -- no eating them!

Krill trans. : Kiwalie admires her larder

Krill trans. Kiwalie : Oh!!! *hides her hand behind her back*

Wilk Potskin looks at the termites.

Krill trans. Sovyc : Termits on Atys... They'll eat everything
Krill trans. Kiwalie : I don't think so

Wilk Potskin : You can see them for yourself

Wilk Potskin : Group's leaders made a very good job

Krill trans. Eoda : That would require quite a bit of appetite from them, Sovyc

Krill trans. snacks some grilled termites

Bitttymacod smacks Kiwalie's hands

Wilk Potskin : Group's leaders ! could you give us some information on termites, just a sum up please ?

Geyos : They are really funny

Krill trans. : Kiwalie gives a cookie to Bittty

Geyos : It is pretty easy to grow fast a mound, to let him live in a stable state, and to destroy him if needed.

Krill trans. Kiwalie : Hum... They taste pretty good

Rangini : or get a stable situation like the hill from geyos

Rangini : its kind of toggle

Geyos : It's all, i think

Krill trans. Kiwalie : Destroy it ????? Pfffff!!!

Krill trans. Kiwalie : What for a waste!

Geyos : So we are perfectly able to do what we were looking to do with them

Bitttymacod: Geyos, you wrote all this down in a paper, is that correct?

Geyos : Yes, everything is available publicly. ((English roleplay forum or French roleplay forum, no German translation available as far as I know.))

Geyos : do you know if Daeronn will come, Wilk ? He still have a fraider-story to tell us.

Wilk Potskin : Daeronn went back in Aelius Dunes, so we will not see him during few days. But I'm sure he did not forget the story. Maybe he will come back with a new one...

Rangini : with a termite hill for me ? :)

Geyos seens disappointed

Geyos : Well, if he come back with 2 story instead of one, this will be good too.

Wilk Potskin : Thanks to all Group's leaders; Daomei, Kiwalie, Geyos and Zorroargh !

Bitttymacod: And Meggy!

Wilk Potskin : Yes and Meggy too !

Wilk Potskin : She had to go in lakes to bring back termites herself.

Meggy : Anything to help :)

Wilk Potskin : Let's go back in the camp, we will talk about the next part of the termites project.

Kiwalie takes a handful of termites.

Wilk Potskin : Since we now have a better understanding on how behave termites with potions, we can begin the next step:

Wilk Potskin : Contact nations to explain them our plan, idea and how we are going to do it.

Wilk Potskin : We need diplomats to go to national meetings and explain them the project.

Wilk Potskin : Do some of you have contacts with national governments ?

Bitttymacod: ((OOC -- There only seem to be two national meetings in the next month, both of them Zorai.))

Krill trans. : Kiwalie prepares bags of cakes to coax them.

Geyos : I can speak to the Akenak

Daomei : it is possible that the national meetings will be earlier. as I heard, all countries want to reduce the number of local sessions in favor of national meetings.

Wilk Potskin : Well, main negotiation will be done with Rangers' diplomats, however if you know some Akenak, Taliari and so on, try to speak about the termites project and our goal.

Wilk Potskin : It might help.

Bitttymacod: I can approach Luth McFay -- I think he will need only a little explanation.

Bitttymacod: He is very influential in the Taliari.

Krill trans. Kiwalie : I'm living in Zora and sometimes meet Fey-lin there. I'll try to speak to her.

Chonchon : speak with Akenaks?

Rangini : disagree

Chonchon : it's not impossible?

Wilk Potskin : As long as you can explain what we want to do with homins, it will be far more easier to explain our goals to nations.

Bitttymacod: Even the akenak do not rule without talking.

Rangini : Kitins will not talk first :)

Bitttymacod: And we do not intend to *reason* with Kitins.

Bitttymacod polishes his amplifiers.

Geyos : that would be like trying to *reason* with chonchon

Wilk Potskin : Once we got the nation agreement, we are going to grow termites in selected mounts.

Daomei : I think that explaining the project to the Trykers will not be too hard, and probably the Matis will agree as well. And Patriot Geyos already explained some details of the project to the Akenak

Daomei : I could ask the Tryker assembly in Windermeer to approve such a project, maybe Mac'od Bittty might do the same for Crystabell and Krill for Avendale

Krill trans. Kiwalie : Problem with be with Zorais. They are afraid of the termits... And I don't understand why.

Daomei : Yet I do not think that the Zorai will change their mind soon

Krill is horrified : Me? Speaking at a political assembly for anything else than teasing politicians?

Daomei : Awakened Feylin made sort of a religious matter out of it

Wilk Potskin : I agree, some Zoraï may have difficulties with termites.

Wilk Potskin : Well jungle is very stressed by termites and that's not their main problem. That's why we have to explain ourselves as much as we can.

Krill trans. Sovyc : yet, it's so good, isn't it Kiwalie

Daomei : I think that Awakened Sartyrica and Awakened Fitis regard it more pragmatically, But they want to evaluate the Zorais' chances to act otherwise.

Wilk Potskin : Daomei, we will not force the project if Zoraï do not want it. But we have to explain it, at least.

Chonchon lève la main

Wilk Potskin : Yes Chonchon ?

Chonchon : Depuis la création de notre guilde, nous avons essayer d'entre en contact avec les factions. Seul les trycker ont eu la sagesse d'écouter depuis plusieurs guildes neutres sont membres de leur conseil. Quand aux autres, ce fut un fiasco total.

Krill trans. Chonchon : Since the beginning of our guild, we have tried to make contact with the factions (I think Chonchon means nations) Only the Trykers have been wise enough to listened. Since then, several neutral guilds are members of their council As for the others one, it was a total failure

Chonchon : ils ne sont même pas capable de traiter en faction de la même religion comment imaginer une intégration des ranger dans leur vie sociale?

Krill trans. Chonchon : They aren't even able to act as whole factions from the same religion; how could we imagine them integrating the rangers in their social life ?

Wilk Potskin : Could you go to the point please ?

Chonchon : le sujet à déjà était débattu leur de leur réunions, notament fyros ils ne veulent pas que d'autres "indigènes" interviennent dans leurs affaires... même pour lutter contre les kitins.

Krill trans. Chonchon : The subject has been spoken about during their meeting, especialy fyros. They don't want that other indigenes (races) take part in their affairs. Even to fight the kitins.

Wilk Potskin : To the "point" please

Chonchon : How we do? That is the question...

Wilk Potskin : You try to survive, like anyone on Atys.

Bitttymacod stands and looks to Wilk : If I may speak?

Wilk Potskin : Yes Bitttymacod ?

Bitttymacod: Chonchon -- all of you. I will try to be brief.

Bitttymacod: We are here *because* we hope to improve that situation. We must show, in all our actions, that homins can transcend the blocks that Nationality and Faction put between homins. I do not think it will be easy, but we must try. That is all we can do.

Wilk Potskin : Thank you Bitttymacod.

Wilk Potskin : For the next step of the project. We will have to make groups for each nation.

Google trans.: Chonchon asks the Germans, English and others if the factions are more open to our cause in their country IRL

((Bitttymacod says to his guild: A lot of people aren't looking at the fact that being a Ranger is going to be *hard*, not easy.))

Wilk Potskin : We will have to make groups for each nation.

Wilk Potskin : But we will see this point during the next meeting.

Wilk Potskin : Do you have any question before we conclude this meeting ?

Rangini : *raise finger*

Wilk Potskin : Yes Rangini ?

Rangini : so we need no further tests on the termite hills ?

Wilk Potskin : Daeronn said his termites can do a better job than that but at the moment, it is enough for Rangers' plans.

Wilk Potskin : So it is ok.

Krill trans. Chonchon : Can we attack the termites mounds?

Wilk Potskin : If you want to please Daeronn, you might try to find something.

Wilk Potskin : Just ask a leader, if he is interested in finding it.

Krill trans. : Nerwane whispers to Chonchon : There still are some shalahs to wax before

Chonchon : What do you mean by leader, Wilk? And what are we looking for?

Krill trans. : Kiwalie looks at the termites in the cookies and wonders what they could do that would be better

Wilk Potskin : If you want to make tests on termites by yourself, ask a homin who got a cristal to share it with you.

Chonchon : Thank you, Wilk.

Krill trans. Chonchon : The guilds, and not the leaders, are interested in killing kitins, I'm repeating what I've already told, but it's the truth

Wilk Potskin : Thank you all for your help.

Chonchon : thank you for your attention...

Wilk Potskin : See you at the next meeting (monday 8 july)


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Post Scriptum: If anyone would like to translate this into German or French -- FEEL FREE~!


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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