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I was playing around with the graphics settings and nudged the luminosity/gamma sliders a bit. Unfortunately this seems to change even my desktop settings when the game is launched and so if I alt+tab or even just quit the game, my desktop is super bright. I can fix this relatively easy in nvidia display settings, but I'd rather just revert the settings to default. However I don't see a default button for graphics.

Is there a way to reset the settings? Are they kept in a file somewhere that I can delete and the game will download a new one?

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They are held in the file client.cfg in the main Ryzom directory. This file can be edited. Check the file client_default.cfg (but do not edit it) for the initial values of things like gamma.

If the settings are staying when you quit, you should probably check your NVIDIA settings to make sure that the desktop is free of "outside influences".


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