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wir arbeiten gerade am Entwurf einer neuen Webseite für Ryzom. Was haltet ihr davon?


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Great! Nice colours ...at last :-) Thats a improvement.


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Smartphone compatible.

As Ryzom would need to go with the trend,...

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Um einiges Hochwertiger als die momentane Page.
Wenn es immer Aktuell gehalten wird bestimmt ein großes Plus.

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Cleaner, more crisp design than before. Goes with the trend - not bad at all!

Some things to think about - mostly ramblings & personal preferences:

- Entries in the "News" section should have a date. For these design, I'd visually prefer it in the same shade of grey as the message text, in (parantheses) after the abbreviated text teaser.

- Some prominent links are currently missing: To the Forum (top right link section?), to the lore (in roleplay section, or more prominent?), to the "Code of conduct" (in top right menu list), to a page on how to get support ("Support" in top right menu list)

- Make "Try Ryzom for Free" a link to a simple page explaining the rules of the free trial, its philosophy as well as the limitations. Emphasize rather the benefit of subscribing than the disadvantages of free trial players. Personally I'd recommend honesty and somewhere (free trial explanation or in community section) state that it's a small community, and that subscribing not only brings added benefit but also supports the continuation of the game.

- Somewhere emphasize the openness of Winchgate to collaborate with the open source branch ryzomcore.
This is a "coolness" asset that could appeals to some (it actually was the whole point of me starting to play some years ago)

- Layout: Personally, I think the text font size of the headers is too big on an ordinary desktop. And I dislike layouts that do not adjust arbitrarily to window dimensions: It's fixed width. If the window is made smaller, the text could just reflow - if it gets too narrow, the "try Ryzom for free" column could move below the header picture dynamically. If the window gets wider, again text should reflow, maybe let the teasers expand. But this conflicts with my preference to have the layout work without javascript enabled.

(Ich frage mich gerade warum ich das auf Englisch schreibe. Sorry. Wenn gewuenscht, uebersetze ich's spaeter mal)

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