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Who We Are:
The Knights of Jen-Lai are a group of friends who began playing pencil-and-paper RPG's together back in 1979. Today we keep in touch by playing MMORPG's. Our group has expanded to include our children and other new friends. We are very casual gamers and most of our activity is centered on a weekly guild night. Perhaps you have met us in other games:

Dark Age of Camelot - Percival Server - Knights of Joppa
City of Heroes - Virtue Server - Category 5

In our present incarnation as the Knights of Jen-Lai we fight for the Zorai nation and for the enlightenment of all sentient life on Atys. We have not yet chosen a faction affiliation.

Although we have our roots in role-playing games the Knights don’t really RP in our guild chat. We do, however, understand and respect RP. Anyone who addresses a Knight using in-character chat can expect a reply in-kind. Some of us are still RP’ers at heart and enjoy participating in RP events.

We are still new to Atys but plan to join in PvP activities as soon as we can. To take and hold an outpost is one of our guild objectives.

The Knights of Jen-Lai do not actively recruit but we are open to new members who understand and accept our unusual style of gaming.

Our Style:
We insist on meeting new challenges and adventures TOGETHER. Toward that end we try to keep our levels very close. What does this mean in practice? We only level-up our combat skills on guild-nights (currently every Wednesday night from 8 to 11 pm EST). At other times we may work on harvesting, crafting, quests, RP, or anything else that is easily done solo. Players who have fallen behind can hunt to get their combat skills caught-up.

By leveling only on guild-nights we accept that our progress through any game will be very slow. The payoff is that all Knights know they can expect to play with a full group of well-matched, family-oriented people who will watch their backs and share all of their challenging adventures together. Knights can experience the best of mmorpg gaming without neglecting their busy lives in the real world.

Knights enjoy making their own discoveries. The use of leveling guides, maps, data bases, and other out-of-game information sources is acceptable only as a last resort to removing obstacles to game-play. Spoilers of any kind are avoided. We often decline gifts from higher level players because we want the full experience of achieving things for ourselves.

Our guild chose Ryzom for the deep, challenging gameplay, the exotic environment, and the fine reputation of the community. We look forward to meeting you in our adventures on Atys.

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Welcome to Atys, Knights ! Let's hope the Jungle treats you well !


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As Sherk said, welcome! Kinda reminds me of some guys I used to game with.

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looks cool but i wanna level on my own to

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The Knights of Jen-Lai disbanded about a year ago. If you dig any deeper (last post was 3 years old) your node will explode :-)
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