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Actually i dowload ryzom on a windows and i did the all way like creating an account for my bro and that, then when i login with his account it appears to be a error
Title "C"
"This application stopped to display this report. Send reports will only email the contents of the box below. Please, send it to help us (it could take a few minutes to send the email, be patient)."
_________________________________________________________________ ___________________
A failed assertion occurs
ProcName: client_ryzom_rd.exe
Date: 2013/05/16 23:54:12
File: Z:\home\nevrax\code\nel\src\3d\driver\direct3d\driver_direct3d_sh ade
Line: 402
FuncName: NL3D::setFX
Reason: "drv--activeShader (&s)"

No log

[ ] Dont display this report again

Debug Ignore Quit

[ ] Dont send the report

I tried all the options but in the end Ryzom appears to have a problem "client_ryzom_rd.exe stopped working"
And i cant play, what should i do?

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A search of the support forums using the term "direct3d" finds this thread:
If you read that thread you will find a reference to: http://goo.gl/7K9cY

And a reference to the Official News of November 2012 which includes full information at:
http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/15434/22 #22

That one will also show up if you search *all* forums for "direct3d".


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