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Laofa (atys)
It is strange to hear that French dominate the rp. When you are among french community, english speakers seem dominate. I began to realize that lot of people are left and lot of people speak in other languages​​. there are indeed mostly French and German (but as they all speak English, it is equilibrium).
Here's an overview about the number of political representatives with voting-rights in the 4 Nations:

* first Assembly of Nobles in Yrkanis (February 17th 2013):
Avalae (French): 5 Nobles: Djaimse, Riditch di Aquilon, Kessler, Timna (was constituted/appointed Noble on that same day), Aylia Valecio (was constituted/appointed Noble on that same day)
Natae (English): 1 Noble: Ozwomen (not a Noble at that time? She did not introduce her guild like the others…)
Davae (German): 2 Nobles: Nyenor Di Avarron, Salazar Caradini

* last / second Assembly of Nobles in Yrkanis (April 12th 2013):
Avalae (French): 10 Representatives: Noble Kessler, Noble Riditch di Aquilon, Greffier Royal Zakkk (Zarkaya di Avalae), Botaniste Royal Erminantius, Dame de Compagnion Angeline, Matis-Vasall Pandari, Sujet Matis Ayukila, Matis-Vasall Zendae from Maiden Grove, Lyade
Natae (English): 1 Noble: Matis-Ambassador Minou
Davae (German): 1 Noble: Salazar Caradini
Votings about an ultimatum for Akenak Icus: 12 votes - 10 of which were from Avalae
comment: Naema said she was from Davae, but is not a Noble there and and not a political Representative

* first Assembly of the Akenak in Pyr (Febuary 24th 2013):
Thesos (French): 3 Akenak: Bardor, Icus Abygrion, Gunbra Celips
Pyr (English): 2 Akenak: Daavics, Rollocks
Dyron (German): 1 Akenak: Arrlon
(one more Akenak from Dyron, Malin, was absent on that day)

* last / second Assembly of the Akenak in Pyr (April 20th 2013):
Thesos (French): 2 Akenak: Bardor, Icus Abygrion
Pyr (English): no Akenak present
Dyron (German): no Akenak present

* first Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora (February 11th 2013):
Jen-Lai (French): 4 Representatives: Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, Initiate Valandrine, Initiate Mamasan, Initiate Etchizka
Min-Cho (English): 1 Representative: Initiate Astarth (has become Awakened afterwards), Initiate Fitis from the same guild as Astarth (has also become Awakened) - at votings only one vote per guild was counted valid
Hoi-Cho (German): 2 Representatives: Awakened Sartyrica, Honorary Initiate Zhoi

* last / fourth Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora (April 24th 2013):
Jen-Lai (French): 4 Representatives: Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, Initiate Valandrine, Initiate Altamira, Initiate Paolen
Min-Cho (English): 1 Representative: Awakened Fitis
Hoi-Cho (German): 1 Representative: Honorary Initiate Zhoi

* first Assembly of the Taliari in Fairhaven (February 20th 2013):
Avendale (French): 3 Representatives: Taliar Luth, Taliar Kaaon, Jazzy - leader of Bai Nhori Drakani
Crystabell (English): 1 Representative: Hechicera, leader of Spiritus Artificis from Fairhaven
Windemeer (German): 1 Representative: Chanchey Breggan, leader of the neutral "Free Souls"

* last / second Assembly of the Taliari in Fairhaven (April 15th 2013):
Avendale (French): 6 Representatives (at least these 6 voted for a diplomatic mission to be sent to the Verdant Heights) Taliar Luth, Taliar Meagon, Taliar Kaaon, Jazzy, Magena, Vannox
Crystabell (English): no Representative present
Windemeer (German): 1 Representative: Taliar Chanchey Breggan

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Zhoi (atys)
* last / second Assembly of Nobles in Yrkanis (April 12th 2013):
Avalae (French): 10 Representatives: Noble Kessler, Noble Riditch di Aquilon, Greffier Royal Zakkk (Zarkaya di Avalae), Botaniste Royal Erminantius, Dame de Compagnion Angeline, Matis-Vasall Pandari, Matis-Vasall Copal, Sujet Matis Ayukila, Matis-Vasall Zendae from Maiden Grove, Lyade

Copal is no representative of Avalae (or any other city), and hasn't any vote right. He is neither a noble.
I (as a player) just came in to see what an Assembly of Nobles looked like.
If you are couting players interested in rp, Copal may be counted for one (if I ever try to continue this).
If you are interested on the "weight" of players on politic rp, he has none.

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Thank you very much for clearing this up. I have corrected this.

Well, that voting was pretty chaotic;
Kessler said 7 votes were cast for a second chance for Akenak Icus - but I was not able to survey who exactly cast these votes, and who cast the 5 votes against a second chance that Kessler counted.
If yours was not one of the votes he counted then it's a bit irritating, because I also somehow believe that Zendae did not vote as well (even if I could not make this out clearly).

To be completely honest I also did not really get why the votings were in the end interpreted as an agreement to withdraw ambassadors. The translations from French to English were a bit lacking/confusing on that day.

EDIT for news:

During the Assembly of Zora on May 30th 2013 a new system for votings was established to make votings fairer but still let many of the political roleplayers (there aren't a lot of them in the Theocracy) take part:
each city now has 3 votes at national Assemblies. The cities' representatives are allowed to decide about who will get the right to vote; also citizens may have these rights; even honorary citizens.

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Will have to bring this thread up once more, as the general topic seems not to be done by now.

Recently been back to Atys and just lately been at those national diplomatic events again, to name the last Chamber of Nobles in Yrkanis.

From what I've seen there and encountered otherwise ingame, the major problem I can see so far is that, by the looks, former Aniro-RPlers are doing RP with former Aniro-RPlers.
Sure this is fine, and might come by reason that they're quite used to roleplaying with eacht other, but especially at the Chamber of Nobles I attented, it left a bad taste. No hard feelings, just a rather bad taste.

They're the majority of RPlers and it seems they've chosen their direction of RP long ago, and are not willing to have that changed, and given their numbers of RPlers they're very well able to put their view upon others, be that by votes or, to speak for the more general encounteres I witnessed, by completely or nearly completely leaving out non-native french speaking RPlers.
If not directly leaving those out, they'll still have a very hard standing to get involved in RP. To be heard. Their words to be taken into consideration.

I'm not saying this is a FR-EN-DE conflict of any sort. Just to be clear on that fact.
But from what I could see, there's cliques building up, or have built up, and those are rather working as a closed circle instead of being open-minded to changes.

What doesn't help the fact is the circumstance that nearly all RP from former Aniro-RPlers is still done in French.
As good as always there's someone needed to do translation.
Especially on events this turns into a -french speaking event- that has translations for participants of other languages.
Cannot tell a solution to this except for making English the universal language for all not-closed RP, but that again will likely turn into various major participants not getting involved anymore.

- Neira

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I'm really sorry that you feel that way Neira since, as far as I'm concerned, there has never been any intention of excluding anyone.

Maybe Aniro-RPIers are more numerous. Or have been more used to play as groups. Or are not "open-minded" enough. Or don't even know that they may be overwhelming for people not used to their manners (from other servers, or new players, for that instance). Or... I don't know.

For my part, I'm still trying to learn some (well, most) of what RPIers of Arispotle and Leanon probably consider as "common knowledge" regarding the background of some famous characters from these servers (such as Salazar and Zhoi, but I may name others).
It will take me time. They have a long history. And they have no reason to share it wholly with my character: he's just a stranger to them. Not a friend, or a relative.

So, I hope you will find some people from Aniro who will RP with you. Even if speaking french would, indeed, make it easier for you since, as in any culture, not everyone speaks several languages.

One last thing: from what you're saying, I understand that you have the feeling that the las Chamber of Nobles turned into a french speaking event. Maybe I misunderstood your feeling.
My feeling is that it was held in english, and that about half of the Aniro's players attending it, tried to speak in english.
Weird, isn't.

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What you say is well true, as I just stated my personal impressions so far, which ain't that many to this point, but still enough to make up a -feeling- about the situation.
I do hope I'm mistaken and it's as you've implied just credited to the fact that Aniro players are vast in numbers and as I said before, generally more used to communicate with each other (logical, given the former shard-split) and to take the background of -their shard players- as granted, whilst others have to take their spot.
This is the -issue- I see that might be a dividing line now and in future, should a majority try to set their view of gameplay upon the rest of the community.
I guess nobody would want to see that happen, but it's a stealthy process that's building up over time and then later, is hard to get rid of.

Personally I like the stricter approach to RP I've heard about the Aniro players have, and I, again, do hope to see alot of that later on ingame.

If roleplay is taken as a whole concept instead of splitting OOC parts of the game and RP parts, I think we'll all get along quite fine, if most people will contribute to such an environment.

There's more to do and to develop for characters as just attending official/semi-official events.

- Neira

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Neira I wonder when was this chamber of Nobles assembly you are talking about ?

Because in the last one, in Yrkanis on tuesday june 4th, the Queen was speaking in english, and each players use to spoke in his native language OR in english.
Copal - thank to him - was translating english to french and vice/versa
Zhoi - thank to her - was translating german to english


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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You misunderstood what I've been saying.

Never said it was an event solely for a part of the community just being able to speak one language. But what I said was that I got the feeling of an event mainly consisting of native french speaking people, which in return showed mostly as French being mainly spoken and then translated for those not able to understand.
Sure what was said by others like Zhoi had too be translated back into French for those only able to understand that, too.
But as mentioned before, we should find a more suitable solution as it's now.

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