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((This report is from the memory that I had as I sat abstracted in thought while the meeting took place. ((OOC: I wasn't there; just the chatLog.)) Krill was doing some translations during the event. Some are hers. Some are mine via Goo-Gle, mostly marked (FR-trad.). I submit this in all humility to be read by any homin interested in the activities of the Rangers.))

Wilk : Lordoy !

Kiwalie says: wohaaa !
((chatter about the possibilities of chocolate termite cookies, fermented termite alcohol, and other atrocities.))

Wilk : Let's start this new Ranger meeting.
Wilk : First, let's start with important issues in Kitin's lair.
Wilk : Several you used the Miner's seal to explore Dark mines.
Wilk : You encountered some dangerous things

Wilk : Corrupted Rangers were Rangers whose work was to guard the Dark Mine's entrance and fight against any intruder.
Wilk : Those Rangers had been lost for quite some time. We sent a group to rescue them once we got your message about them.
Wilk : They attacked us and declined our help.

Daomei says: Can we save and heal them?
Kiwalie says: Les pauvres !
Daomei says: well, I think they are maddened by the Goo. Is it possible to overwhelm them ?

Wilk : Of course we want to rescue them.
Wilk : We succeeded in speaking with their leader.
Wilk : They are not completely mad from the Goo and they still remember their old duty.
However they apply their old orders to any homins, even ones with miner's seal.

Daomei says: so they think we are enemies. I understand
Kiwalie says: ils sont tres agressifs en effet ((they are very aggressive indeed))

Wilk : So we made a deal with them, since they do want to continue their duty. We will search for a cure and provide them some food and water. Thus their condition will not get worse.

Salazar says: As far as I know, any effort to heal someone or something affected by Goo was not successful.

Wilk : We already sent a message to the best expert we know.
Wilk : However we must make sure that no one will be infected anymore.

Salazar says: How do we know their condition will not worsen?

Wilk : They were infected with Goo several years ago. Their condition has been stable from a long time now.

Salazar says: That's what their leader said?
Daomei says: Did you know about the passage to Darkmoor?

Wilk : Yes they told us. This passage existed even before the Second Swarm.
Wilk : About the Goo. Are some of you infected by the Goo when you went to the passage to Darkmoor ?

Chonchon says: yes
Chonchon says: some of "les justes" and "la Federation du commerce"
Chonchon says: and some person who help us; Bardor too
Xatokar says: Goo residue and Pure Goo residue got into my bag
Rangini says: I have Goo in the pack also
Kiwalie says (FR- google trad.): We went to purify ourselves in a bath of sap at the Midpoint and then at the Virginia Falls

Wilk : If any of you feel some of the disease symptom, please report to us immediately.

Anyume says: and contact N'ASA too...

Kiwalie says: Jalindra and I had some troubles, but we are feeling better since we had our sap bath.

Wilk : Next subject is: Potions.

Freyr says: I'd like to know how can one join the Rangers, what it means and what are the requirements.
Wilk : For the moment, you can not join the Ranger.
Krill translates Kiwalie : The abstracts of the meetings are on the forum, everything is in it :)
((I had to untangle a lot of stuff here. I hope that Kiwalie's comment was actually to Freyr. If not, I apologise, but in fact the information is relevant.))

Wilk : We are still late on potions.
Wilk : It seems to be far more complicated than we first expected. Only half of potions are working at the moment.
Wilk : Daeronn is still working on this matter.

Krill translates : Zorroargh feels reassured, knowing Daeron is working on this point.
Krill doesn't fill reassured at all, knowing that it is Daeronn who is working on this point.

Wilk : Last point; Termites ! I have some news about it.
Wilk : As you know, we have to bred termites to make sure their behaviour helps us.
Wilk : So, come with me. Up !

((The gathering walks to the termite mounds in Almati Wood.))
Riditch says: nae davae ?
Kiwalie says: hummm

Wilk : You can come and see yourself.
Wilk : You can count the number of termites, eggs and food they have.

Anyume says: Hooooo
Salazar says: I see.
Freyr says: I don't have enough fingers and toes

Wilk : Please, be careful to not destroy the mound when you check.

Peatpom says: c'est comme des petit kitin.... ((They are like small kitins.))
Tania says: aie des termites sur ma jupe ! ((Ouch ! Termites on my gown !))
Riditch says: Oh les charmants petits Kitins potentiels !! ((Oh ! Such charming small potential Kitins !))
Kiwalie tastes a termite.

Wilk : If you check other mounds, you will see they share the same numbers.
Wilk : That's an easy way to recognize this species. However it is not 100% reliable.

Daavics says: are we supposed to supply these with food? What's the food? Can I harvest it instead of looting?

Wilk : Did you all succeed to check termites ?

Daavics says: ya it works here
Peatpom says: yes i do
Jalindra says: yes
Xatokar says: yes
Rangini says: yes
Freyr says: yes
Daomei says: yes, but the number is still small
Feylin says: By the way, what do you expect from the termites, exactly ?
Kiwalie says: oups !
Kiwalie says: oui 2 oeufs deuxs termites deux nourriture ((Yes, 2 eggs, two termites, two food ))

Krill translates Riditch: When I think that Matis are reproached for playing god with the plants, and you are going to do the same with what may be future kitins.
Peatpom (FR-trad.): I agree. It's bad. I would agree this is wrong. Our fallen will not agree with that.

Wilk : We keep it small on purpose to test our potion. We do not want to fight against a termite swarm.

Wilk : Let's go back to the camp.

Kiwalie says: Wilk ! Jazzy semble avoir des informations importente !
Salazar says: Well, you showed us how to open a nest to count them, but that only says something about the quantity, but not the quality, right?

Wilk : Potentially it also does.

Jazzy says: Lordoy tout le monde
Salazar says: Well, we're all ears ...
Jazzy says: I went here with some homins present in Kitin Lair behind us

Wilk : Did you got infected ?

Jazzy says: Not me but one of my guild , yes. but not very important we think.
Jazzy says: This is not why I came
Salazar says: I got a slight infection, which I reported to the Academy. Why?
Krill translates Jazzy : We discovered, after fighting the mad rangers, some tracks of Trykers and Matis and Karavan

Wilk : Thank you for your information but I already explained why and what to do with Corrupted Rangers.

Jazzy says: j'ai peur que Zorai et fyros ne fassent un raccourci d'interpretation
Krill translates Jazzy :I fear that the Zorai and Fyros might take a shortcut in interpreting this.
((My guess (confirmed) is that Jazzy is worried that the Zorai and Fyros might jump to conclusions about it.))

Wilk : About old civilizations remains, well, it is linked to this land's name. I don't know a lot about it myself.
Feylin says: Almati was a botanist from before the first swarm
Wilk : If you want to know more about it, try to find a historian.

Wilk : Did I answer you doubts ?

Riditch says: Not really for me
Feylin says: I still don't understand what you do expect from the termites about the kitin mounts ...
Feylin says: They will eat the dead wood forming the mounds, but what about the tunnels themselves ?
Riditch says: I mean, Several homins says that Matis are apprentice sorcerers with plants... and now you will tried something like that with potentials Kitins...
Daomei says: they are expected to eat them, the tunnels will collapse and be absorbed when ventilation collapses
Daomei says: that is what miners told me about termites and their destructive work on tunnels

Wilk : Daomei is right. Of course, we will not be able to completely destroy them all. However as long as those tunnels are no more repaired by passing kitins, it will be faster.

Wilk : Jazzy, please, if you investigate; do not attack Corrupted Rangers, we are trying to save them.

Jazzy says: Yes I know nair-Wilk, but they are aggressive when we are in their camp.
Daomei says (FR-trad): Termites aren't kitins. It's another form of social insects, totally different

Wilk : That's their orders. Nobody should be infected by the goo anymore. Please ask your others or read the assembly report.
Wilk : Let's go back to termites.
Wilk : I showed you how to make sure mounds contain termites.

Wilk : Now we need your help to find other termites mounds on Atys.

Daavics says: What are the chances small termites are a risk with Kitins? I dont understand your concern here
Daomei says: The difference between Ktins and termites is, in my opinion, similar to that between animals and homins. I am convinced that Kitins are intelligent beings.

Wilk : Termites are as dangerous as other species, they try to survive, we also.
Wilk : Could you try to find 3 or 4 termites mounts in each Nation ?
Wilk : Could you make a map of those termites mounds for the next Ranger meeting ?
Daavics says: When is it?
Kiwalie says (FR-trad): Just the location?

Wilk : Yes just report them on a map.
Kiwalie says: tres bien
Daomei says: are there occurrences in the prime roots, too?

Wilk : There may be but we only need ones in national areas.
Wilk : If you do not have any question, we will close this meeting.
Wilk : ( they have the same as the ones in Almati without the green glow.)
Wilk : I will got and make my report to Melga. Thanks for your help.

Kiwalie says (FR-trad.): Next meeting on May 20, same time, same place.

((Numbers were not specified, would a person who was there please let us know? It would appear from Kiwalie's comment that it is two each of termite, eggs and food. (Confirmed by examination and by a mail from Krill.) ))

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Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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In the process of running from Yrkanis to the camp of the Matis Border Guards I happened across a termite mound containing 2 each of termites, eggs, and morsels of food. It is east of Psykopla Knoll, near the cliffs. Can anyone who was present at the meeting confirm that this is the sort of mound we are looking for?

Also, has anyone else located any of the mounds that we are looking for?

-- Bittty.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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