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Bakun !

We are a very new Marauder (french) guild, whose members come from various places but all have in common the fight against the enslavement shown by most Homins towards Nations or Powers.

Finding back our original freedom, we aim to actively participate in the dynamism of the Maradauder Faction (in all domains: PvE, PvP and RP). To do this, even if recruitment is open, we are not looking to be a big Clan, but a welded Clan, composed only of Homins eager to get involved in a deep adventure. Many things remain to get created in this area, and we have a great ambition!

The group spirit prevails! In our clan, there is no leader ; each member is as important as another, and decisions are made collegially. In addition, our common beliefs need to be permanently displayed (tag required) and a member in trouble is always rescued, with even more speed if that member is a victim of attacks of Homins hostile the Clan.

For more information, visit our website:

The pact that binds each member of the clan is displayed in the Embassy.
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