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I have returned to my rightful place on Atys. “Clan of Oblivion” is an english speaking marauder guild. A Clan of homins willing, only to seek revenge on the four nations. Clan of Oblivion is also inclined to break the shackles the two powers have embraced on your minds and lead you towards the path where you are the master of your own life.

Survival is the only itinerary to true power, one must be able to survive to realize what he is capable of. Those that do not wish to follow the law of these...”powers” or confide in deities created to harness your obedience, are welcome in this guild as “My hands of Oblivion”. Loyalty is not a choice, its an obligation, its runs through our veins. Members of this Clan take care of their own as well as any other Marund brethren.

We are the villain, the malevolent and the nightmare to those outside of the Marauder Organization. This is an RP/PVP based guild so its asked to remain tagged to get a full feel of how it really is to be in the world where you always need to be prepared for battle. We will schedule PVP BATTLES, NATION RAIDS and other exciting events to keep the game interesting, religion driven guilds moral declining and the 4 nations falling

We are called “Oblivion” to provide you with a reflection of our lives during the Kitin War. How the four nation leaders, forgot, left, abandon us during a time of need. The 4 nation leaders say that “Everyone could not be accounted for” but the homins who commit to that lie are the homins who weren’t left in total forgetfulness. We do not take heed to those bias comments. Long ago we were forgotten but now the Marauders are resilient and we will make them remember...with VENGEANCE.

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