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Stability increase for the web server

Dear players,

You might have noticed a general slowdown of all WebIG related functions: The New Horizons and Outposts events, Achievements and other  applications.

This slowdown causes:
 - slow display of NPC dialogs and WebIG pages;
 - possible loss of items when transfering to or exchanging with NPC, due to a timeout;
 - no reward validation when a timeout occurs.

We are currently working to increase the web server stability and remove these inconveniences. The WebIG system will also be reworked to allow players to receive their reward even when experiencing slowdown or timeout.

Performance increase for the web server

The New Horizons and Outposts events have highlighted the need for improvements on ARCC rites and missions system.

Some of these modifications are important and required before adding any new content with ARCC. Sadly this involves postponing the first new encyclopedia rite by a month, but will ensure future events are more stable.

We will keep you informed of our progress. Please note that none of the mentioned improvements involves a server patch.

The Ryzom Team wishes you a good game on Atys!

The Ryzom Team

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