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Protocol of the Assembly of Circles of Hoi-Cho in Min-Cho on Fallenor 16th in the second cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: March 19th 2013)

The honored Sage Sens (Gangi Cheng-Ho), representative of the dynastic circle Initiate Zhienkao Pai-Du, the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, representative of Jen-Lai, Initiate Astarth, representative of Min-Cho, Honorary Initiate Zhoi, representative of Hoi-Cho, Yenno, Guardian of Shadows from Min-Cho, Shangfan, Tryker, Filira Salazar Caradini, Noble and representative of Davae, Chanchey Breggan, Taliar of Windemeer, Wasari Kealey-Abygrian, member of The Free Souls from Windemeer, Seternulon, member of The Free Souls from Windemeer, Scout Daomei Lin Carthan, former Akenak Rasaya Di Carlo, Lunamoon Lyeus, member of The Free Souls from Windemeer, Guardi (Ba'Guardi Lichan), member of The Free Souls from Windemeer, Yussif, member of The Free Souls from Windemeer, Hekate, member of The Free Souls from Windemeer, Sari Sarisa, citizen of Hoi-Cho

Agenda of conference:

* prize-giving to Seternulon for his help with decoding a part of an old amber cube

* possible kitin-threats
Kitin-mounds and goo-infested Kitins in the roots and the kitin-lair - seemingly mostly harmless at the moment

* responsibilities for the regions of the Witherings and defense
The cities have decided about the distributions, still that has to be confirmed by the Sages at the next Great
assembly in Zora

* outposts for the Kami-priests
The building of outposts at the old temple-sites has started, so the priests can work more reliably from there

* dealing with the kitin-mounds and the termite-plan of the Rangers
The Sages and cities have decided to decline the plan of the Rangers to treat kitin-mounds in the Witherings with "stimulated" termites. The representatives wish to work out their own means, either botanical or magnetic, preferably by working together on this with tribes like the Gibads, the Ancient Dryads or the Siblings of the Weed

* constitution for the Witherings/the Great Circles
The constitution is in the making by the Sages and should be finished soon

* law against the handling of Goo in the Witherings
In general all cities seem to agree with such a law, the details of phrasing might still have to be discussed

* establishing an academy in Zora
Min-Cho has agreed to this plan of Hoi-Cho, Jen-Lai at least does not strongly oppose to it

* private talk about burial-rites of the Zorai with Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
In Jen-Lai a prayer for the deceased has been spoken at the ceremony for the second Great Swarming by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang. Seemingly the dealing of dead bodies of Zorai has not been made public; it was suspected that at least the mask or else the whole body might be given to the Kami...

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Letter to the Sages:

This is what I asked our honored Council of Elders via an Izam to the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho:

A) about public / official institutions in the jungle and the according contact persons

* the large library in Zora - is its existence known to all three cities?And is there a responsible homin who might be contacted if documents from the library are needed?
* Mabreka Cho's personal healer Tao Sian - is she well-known to everyone?
* we know of three generals of the Guild of Cho: Chan Ce-Jian (Jen-Lai), Dachi Han (Min-Cho) and Chai Tii-Van (Hoi-Cho) - are these our contact persons for the troops? Is there a commanding general perhaps for the Zorai-army?
* Scholars and researchers (like those who analyzed the goo-samples before the second Great Swarming came over us) - is there a contact-person too who would speak for those scholars and researchers?
* is there a state prison (some people like Nung Horongi have been imprisoned once I reckon)?
* are the wooden memorial stones (like behind the Kami altar in Zora) cemeteries? Are homins buried there?
* do these institutions exist anywhere in the jungle: emergency food storage, birthing centers, kindergartens, schools, universities, homeless shelters, nursing homes, theaters, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, any kind of institutions or facilities for arts and crafts, public baths (maybe a certain pond in the cities of intuition?)?

B) are there official funeral rites of us Zoraï?

C) voting rights in the Theocracy

* at the first national Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora there was one exemplary political vote - one vote per initiated guild, cast by one of their representatives. Will this continue to be our usual way for official votings or is there a possibility to establith different voting-rules?
* will there be a referendum like before for building temples in the jungle? Who would be considered as eligible to vote for this? (Or might this be decided by the work done by homins for the temples?) So can we expect an election for a possible Jena Temple?

Note: I also asked if the Zorai people or Circles will have a say when it comes to the locations of the temples, but lately there have been indicators that this will not be possible (technically, as the priests do not function so well when being placed anywhere else than at the old temple-sites).

D. fighting the Goo (event proposal)

I again suggested to the Sages the idea of the wise Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún to officially let us fight against the existing Goo at the rims of the Witherings. A possible idea would be to start a similar research as the one when the Goo has spread before the second Great Swarming. Or to visit specific spots at the goo-edges daily to collect samples. Or to collect and deliver different types of goo (mission-materials). Or it might even be interesting to use/disrupt the Goo-sources (goo-spitting mounds) at the enemy tribes in the Witherings. Else other materials might be collected just as well, for whatever researches made by Zorai-scholars.

E. ambassador for the Zoraï theocracy

We have not yet decided about an or more official ambassador/s for the Zoraï. Is it allowed to elect more than one ambassador, like different ones for certain other nations?

F. ceremony of Hoi-Cho: memorial path for the second Great Swarming

Hoi-Cho made a suggestion for a ceremony concerning the second Great Swarming and the return to the New Lands. It was already made on 6 Pluvia in the 2nd Cycle of 2571 (OOC: January 7th 2013). In my letter to the Sages I asked them once again whether this idea would be practicably at all.

Jen Lai has already held their ceremony, Initiate Astarth as the representative of Min-Cho has personally met a Sage, but no Sage has responded to the idea of Hoi-Cho. However Hoi-Cho will need the help of officials to accomplish this ceremony…

This letter was first sent to the Sages 2 years (OOC 4 weeks) ago, the Sage Sens confirmed its receipt on Fallenor 16th in the second cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: March 19th 2013).


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Protocol for the second National Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora on Fallenor 15th in the third cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: April 6th 2013)

After the good news that Initiate Astarth, representative of Min-Cho has passed the test for Enlightenment and is now an Awakened, a list of topics for the National Assembly was put together by the Sages and representatives mentioning the topics they wished to talk about.

Dynastic Circle
* distribution of regions of the Witherings amongst the amber cities
The representatives of the three cities have agreed to the following solution:
- Jen-Lai will be responsible for the regions Knot of Dementia and Maiden Grove
- Min-Cho will take care of Cities of Intuition and the Grove of Umbra
- Hoi-Cho will take responsibility for the Void, except for the Gibads, and the Haven of Purity
- however Min-Cho will be responsible for relations with the tribe Tutors, while Hoi-Cho will take care of the Black Circle

* constitution for the Witherings
The constitution of the Theocracy might already be finished and presented at the next National Assembly.

* election of Ambassadors
No agreement has been reached for this topic as of yet. No representatives from Min-Cho were present until the end of the Assembly either. So the election of official Ambassadors had to be postponed. The Sage Sens suggested to ask for volunteers in the regional assemblies; and the sages will collect a list of all volunteers.

Circle of Reconstruction:
* founding of an Academy
While Hoi-Cho has requested an Academy in Zora and Min-Cho has agreed to that. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang mentioned instead that something like this might already exist. She has already written a letter to ask Lingi Chon-Vao, curator of the Archives of Jen-Lai. The Sages plan to invite her to the next assembly. There have always been libraries, scientists and scholars in the Witherings. Also other tribes in the Witherings have scholars.

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho shared his thoughts that an Academy could work like a central council for all of these institutions that are now in disorder after the return from the Exodus after the Second Great Swarming. It might also be mentioned that other residents of Jen-Lai have voiced doubts about researches about Goo there, which Awakened Astarth has on the contrary especially suggested to be made at this planned Academy.


#28 [en] 

* public information board in Zora
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has asked for either a notice board or an herold who would inform interested homins about local evenst like the ceremonies for the Second Great Swarming or the seasonal endowment of Jen-Lai. The Awakened stated that she did not mean notice boards explaining the political systems, most important laws and political guilds like those that have been put up long ago in all capitals.

The Sage Sens explained that it would be possible to install a sign that could be updated by the representatives of the three cities and such would should show all important notifications for the Witherings. Fey-Lin Liang wished for this sign to be put up between the stables and the trainers. The representatives will be informed via Izam if and when this sign can be made by carpenters of Zora.

* transporter of New Horizons in Zora
The Tryker-company "To New Horizons" wished to know where their transporter should be placed since a relocation had been asked of them. The original request by Hoi-Cho has been to move it "close to the stables" of Zora. This time a location between the stables and the south entrance was suggested because of good visiblity for newcomers and the notice-board that will be put up between trainers and stables. The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho decided that the functionaries of the Dynastic Circle shall choose a suitable location close to the stables.

* list of public institutions
The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho wished to know the reasons to get a list of public institutions that my humble self has requested. A list of possible institutions has been sent to the Sages and also made public by open letters for some Atys-years already. Still the Sage mentioned that some things would be touching private documents of the administration. So my humble self gave my reasons: so that all three cities would have the same informations about these institutions that might formerly have been different for all of us.

The contact persons of these institutions should be known to all of the cities to be able to communicate with them properly via izam or invitation to assemblies. Also other countries would surely benefit from this knowledge, just like our representatives have also written letters to the Academies of Pyr in the past for instance. It might not be bad to put informations like these on the notice boards in the future too like the Fyros once had.

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho said that he will forward this request - but without any guarantees that all existing institutions can be listed because some of them are still reorganizing after the Second Exodus.


#29 [en] 

* voting rights
At national assemblies political agreements up until now were reached by voting amongst representatives of all initiated Shizu (guilds) or similar in the Witherings - one represantative for each guild having one vote. The Amazons Mysticia, who are Hamazans living in Maiden Grove, have stated that they do not wish to have voting rights for "Zorai-affairs", however they are able to talk about their concerns to the city-circles of Jen-Lai.

There might or might not be different types of elections for special topics like the building of temples in the future, maybe popular votes. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang stated that (in her opinion) the Sages might ask for all the initiate's opinion if they will consider it wise; while my humble self asked to think this over well, since there could be deceptions; and established non-initiated inhabitants of the Witherings might be left out.

Circle of Spirituality:

* outpost for the Kami Priests
The outpost for the Kami Priests has been finished at the location of the former Sanctuary of Ma-Duk and the Kami Priests are now located there. The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho thanked all who contributed to make this building possible. It seems that many Fyros have also helped to achieve this goal, so the Sages whished for the Zorai people to remember this "bond in Kamism".

* burial-/funeral-rites of the Zorai
Since no official documents about this topic have been be discovered Hoi-Cho has decided to ask the Sages about this topic. Once again the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho enquired about the background of the question. Several reasons were mentioned: to be able to talk about our rites for the deceased amongst us Zorai based on the same informations for all of the cities, for a proper ceremony for the homins who died during the Second Great Swarming, and to know more about the function of the wooden memorial-stones in each amber city (cemetries?).

The Sage Sens held out the prospect of inviting an expert about this topic or maybe present a document about it later on.

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Circle of Exploration:

* law against the Goo

A draft for a law against the handling of Goo has been made public a longer while ago , and Min-Cho has agreed to this. Jen-Lai agrees with such a law but has some conditions: the law should not reduce the value of preservation of nature and Atys, that shall prevail on this law. One phrasing of the old Treaty of four Nations might have stated that there should be no restrictions for transport neither for homins nor for goods.

(OOC: as feared it was phrased differently on Leanon and Arispotle though:
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang also mentioned other treaties amongst the nations that were agreed upon later on that are not widely known and might have been made in private between certain political groups or leaders (OOC: different server-histories here!).

To err on the side of caution the Awakened suggested that the law should specify that Goo and anything corrupted by it should not be considered as a "good". This was considered a very good solution. The Goo as a part of the nothingness and a disease should not be considered a "good". The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang was asked to work out a phrasing for both of the additions that Jen-Lai has wished for. She would rather have another volunteer Initiate work on this though.

* fight against the Goo

The Awakened Sartyrica has wanted to make it possible for every interested homin and especially Zorai to help fighting the existing Goo in the Witherings. The basic idea would be to have homins collect Goo or Goo-infected materials and have them give it to an official gatherer in Zora, maybe to get titles from this. Goo that is usually harvested for Kami-missions could be given to this gatherer. Goo could be collected at a number of special spots at the rims of the Witherings on a daily basis. Goo-mounds of tribes could be reduced by chipping parts off. Also other actions could be performed to help with reducing the Goo at the rims of Atys.

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang also wished to inform people about how to handle Goo without risking a contamination. This could also be mentioned within the law against handling with Goo. The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho stated that Goo can be destroyed by homins using fire and fire-magic that Kami cannot use since it destroys sap. ("Destroying" goo-mission-materials counts as goo-destruction in the opinion of the Sage. And there are plans about events that will again offer possibilities to act against the goo.)


#31 [en] 

Circle of Defense:

* plans concerning the kintin-mounds and -tunnels

The Rangers still pursue their plans of searching for usable termites and brewing potions to stimulate them into eating the remains of the kitin-mounds of the second Great Swarming and the kitin-tunnels underneath. The Rangers said that they are in contact with the governments of all nations and already know of the Zorai being against testing their solutions in the Witherings. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang voiced her disappointment about the behaviour of the Rangers towards the worries of the Zorai.

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho mentioned that he hadn't received any letters concerning this topic. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has translated a letter of the Awakened Astarth to master Gioi Qiai-Zhan of the Order of Magnetism in Jen-Lai, asking about magnetic means to deal with kitin-mounds and -tunnels. My humble self suggested to talk with Master Reka who teaches magnetic cartography on the same day a delegation of the Zorai will visit the Gibads to ask about their suggestions about how to close the kitin-tunnels. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang also wished to ask tribes in the Verdant Heights: the Ancient Dryads and the Siblings of the Weed.

Scout Daomei Lin Carthan spoke up, claiming that the Atys Rangers should not be demonized, since they would never act on the territory of any nation without their consent. She also seemed unhappy about the arguments of Fey-Lin Liang against using termites because of the eliquilibrium of nature and that termites should not be treated as mere test subjects. Daomei warned the Zorai that the Witherings might be the only or last nation left with intact kitin-tunnels if the Rangers succeed with their plan first which might put the jungle at risk.

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang opined that a meeting with the Gibads has to be prepared, which my humble self disagreed with. Especially since the Awakened stated to not need any preparations to meet with the Ancient Dryads and Siblings of the Weed all by herself. My humble self wished for all homins interested in this topic to accompany the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang and to be able to meet with these tribes as well. The two tribes in the Verdant Heights could at least be visited by the search party for an abducted Initiate on their way.

In the end the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho decided to wait for a reply by master Gioi Qiai-Zhan of the Magnetic Order of Jen-Lai first of all, and also to contact the tribes in question to ask them for an official visit. The tribes shall then propose dates for visits according to their own schedules.


#32 [en] 

* order of assemblies

There have been different complications and also complaints concerning the timing of assemblies. In general more time or assemblies for national and less for regional topics have been proposed. Some homins have even lamented about too many assemblies on Atys overall. The long running time of national assemblies has been criticized likewise. The representatives agreed about too many national matters being discussed at regional assemblies. And some inhabitants of Min-Cho wished to gather at different times of the day altogether, maybe at special assemblies without one of the Sages attending if there should be no other way to solve this matter.

Initiate Indobi was asked to name a suiting date and time for those inhabitants of Min-Cho who cannot attend assemblies at the current schedules. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang wished to have a known agenda and an orator being named for the Circles. Initiate Karrael proposed to set time limits to assemblies which would lead to postponing even more topics than as of now. My humble self suggested to solve regional matters during only a short period of time first and to have a national assembly afterwards - every time, but less often. Extraordinary assemblies could be added for regional matters only if needed. Instead of that the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang proposed an order of one national assembly, then one local, one national again and so on.

Assemblies would be briefer if problems were solved faster instead of being repeated at every assembly and dragged on, piling up by that. My humble self suggested to make use of open letters to reach agreements faster; but the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang stated that letters pose other problems. She did not explain what kind of problems she was referring to though. The reason for the refusal of some representatives to answer to open letters kept being unclear as well. Especially those who often cannot attend assemblies and would benefit most by using other opportunities to state their opinions. There was no suggestion of any alternatives nor improvements for communications amongst the cities outside of assemblies.

In the end an agreement was met to have a national assembly at the next date instead of a regional one, even though Jen-Lai still has regional matters to solve that had to be postponed lately. The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho announced to discuss this with the other Sages as they might have suggestions.

With that the second National Assembly of the Great Circles ended.

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Protocol for the Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora on Fallenor 15th in the fourth cycle of AtysYear 2572 (OOC: April 24th 2013)

Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho
Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
Awakened Fitis
Initiate Valandrine
Initiate Paolen
Initiate Altamira
Initiate Etoo
Honorary Initiate Zhoi
Tokoose of Guardians of Shadows
Nydoikoth of Clan Sckinock
Filira Salazar Caradini from Davae
Taliar Kaaon
Zendae of Amazons Mysticia
Phaozhu of Amazons Mysticia
Thalys of Amazons Mysticia
Mahija, Zorai from Windemeer
Wasari from Windemeer
Seternulon from Windemeer
Atys-Citizen Daomei
Diwu of Dark Cloud
Mjollren, Officer of Fluffy Bunnies
Bingfa, Tryker-burgess
Varox of Graines de Kami
Senzhu, Zorai
Sari, inhabitant of Hoi-Cho

* rules for assemblies
* order of assemblies
* election of ambassadors
* kitin-mounds and rangers
* Goo-opening in the Almati Wood's Kitin Lair leading to the Blackmoors - postponed
* Goo-infested Igaras in the Upper Bog in the Verdant Heights - postponed

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#34 [en] 

There was no news from the Sages nor from the Dynastic Circle about a number of requests:

* founding an Academy in Zora:
The Sage Sens planned to ask existing institutions, scholars and scientists of the Witherings if they would like to have or establish an Academy that would like a central council for them

* putting up a sign board in Zora:
The Sage Sens has agreed to ask carpenters about the possibility to establish a public information board that could be used by representatives of the city could use to announce informations about events and the like between the stables and the trainers

* a new spot for "to new Horizons" in Zora:
The functionaries of the Dynastic Circle were assigned to decide about a new place for the transporter of the Tryker-company "to New Horizons" in Zora to be move to, preferably close to the stables

* list of public institutions and according contact persons of the Witherings:
The Sage Sens has agreed to forward this request but cannot promise that this list can contain all institutions in existance since some of the are still reorganising. A list of suggestion about possible institutions has repeatedly being posted on the boards and written in a letter to the Sages and Dynastic Circle

* burial-rites of the Zorai and the meaning of the "cemetries":
The Sages wanted to see if either an expert explaining the traditions of the Zorai to tend to the deceased could be invited to a future Assembly of the Circles or perhaps documents can be presented


#35 [en] 

No news from the Sages nor from the Dynastic Circle about these requests as well:

* law against the handling with Goo:
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang wanted two additions to be made to the Goo-law. One should state that Goo is not to be seen as a "good" nor "ware" to be handled or transported by merchants. The other one was supposed to somehow point out that the law "cannot not be reducing the value of Preservation of Nature and Atys, which shall prevail on this law". Unfortunately the Awakened did not have the time to add this article herself yet nor to answer my question about a suggestion how to phrase this addition. There was also a suggestion to inform people how to handle Goo without risking contamination

* fighting the Goo in the Witherings:
A request was addressed to the Sages to enable homins and Zorai to reward actions against the Goo, like the existing Goo at the rims of the Witherings, examples for how and where to fight Goo were particularized

* meeting with the tribes Ancient Dryads, Gibads and Siblings of the Weed and the order of magnetism
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has written a letter to the two tribes in the Verdant Heights as well as to Master Gioi Qiai-zhan, to set dates for visiting them. Another letter was sent to the Gibads since personal visits during regular patrols did not lead to them agreeing on a date for a visit

* ceremonies about the second Great Swarming of Min-Cho and Hoi-Cho:
Min-Cho's Awakened Astarth has planned to meet with one of the Sages (most likely Saison/Season) to plan their city's ceremony. Hoi-Cho has suggested a ceremony on Pluvia 6th in the third cycle of AtysYear 2571 (January 25th 2013) and since then reminded the Sages twice about this matter by sending Izams and also mentioning it at the last Assembly

* constitution of the Theocracy
A new constitution for our Nation is in the making by the Sages, the article about voting-rights at Assemblies was specified as a last topic. The Sage Sens has planned to send all representative of the Circles a draft thereof


#36 [en] 

Topics of the Assembly itself:
* rules for Assemblies
* order of Assemblies
* election of ambassadors
* kitin-mounds and rangers
* Goo-opening in the Almati Wood's Kitin Lair leading to the Blackmoors
* Goo-infested Igaras in the Upper Bog in the Verdant Heights

* rules for Assemblies

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang wanted to have the organization of the Assemblies of the Great Circles in Zora specified, in regard of all customs of the different cities of amber. The customs at Assemblies of Jen-Lai were explained by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, which were very much like the rules that the Akenak explained at their last Assembly. Opinions opposing some of these rules or traditions to be applied for the Assemblies of the Great Circles in Zora were voiced by my humble self, substantiated by negative experiences. Ideals and principles were brought up as a defense.

In Jen Lai a list of topics was published before the Assembly on the public boards. There was an Orator for each circle, traditionally an Awakened one. They were responsible for presenting topics of discussion during the Assemblies according to the Circles the topics belonged to, Orators also regulated who was allowed to speak so that discussions would keep "calm", everyone would listen and so that talking would be possible without "interruptions".

The Orator also organized the process of votings. However the Orator was said to serve the Assembly, not rule it; unlike it might have looked like at the Akenak, and orators spoke only for themselves. The role of an attending Sage was to guide and give advice from time to time; he was not seen as the "main orator" nor as being in charge of the Assembly. In the end the - one - Orator was the one who wrote and published official reports on the boards.


#37 [en] 

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang stressed that having to wait before speaking would ensure that people would think carefully and take their time to be as relevant as possible. And she said that Zoraï take time for wisdom before speaking.

In the community of Hoi-Cho public announcements have not been read by the dynastic circle or the Sages (which still seems that way; even letters are not being read in time, not to speak of ever being replied to), so that has proved to be a waste of time and effort. For a long time there haven't been enough representatives to appoint a speaker for each circle; and the importance of Awakened has dwindled because of their small number. The topics to discuss haven't been addressed by their circles but by decision of the representatives.

Waiting for everyone to put up their hand, being called up and then to finish their sometimes longwinded reasoning without interruption has cost so much time that Assemblies of Hoi-Cho lasted for many hours back in the old times and even then topics had to be postponed. So that was changed - letting everyone talk whenever they wanted to proved to be much more efficient. Letting the audience talk freely and even encouraging them to talk brought together a lot of informations that helped the Circles with their decisions. The writing of protocols for the community of Hoi-Cho was done by whoever took on that unwanted task.

On the other hand even being called up cannot prevent speakers from interrupting topics with unfitting comments anyway, as we have seen at the Rangers's Assembly for example. At the Akenak and also at the Assembly of Taliari we have experienced that orators either unintentionally or deliberately can overlook or even exclude homins - and such their information - by not calling them up. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang protested against comparing them to the Zorai because of the different political structure of the Nations.

Initiate Valandrine pointed out that rules are means to an end, so the goals should first be agreed on; and for these ends efficiency will be needed just as much as order and ceremony. Initiate Altamira also approved of this. The Sage Sens sugested that all concepts should be written down in propositions to be compared, to maybe find compromises or a synthesis; or at least to have a vote about them.

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#38 [en] 

* order of Assemblies

A lot of topics of concern for the Circles are national and much less regional, and as homins tend to discuss national matters at regional Assemblies where they cannot be solved. So a new order of Assemblies was considered. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang suggested to have one regional Assembly, then one national Assembly, followed by one regional again and so on. My humble self proposed to either have two national Assemblies then one regional, or just to let Hoi-Cho skip some of their regional Assemblies since they do not have so many regional topics to talk about.

After a few possibilities were discussed Initiate Valandrine suggested that regional and national Assemblies should be planned independently. Most of the representatives and the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho agreed to have one national Assembly every two cycles (approx. 36 days in real life).

* ambassadors

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho explained that ambassadors for the Circles of the Zorai will have to represent the Theocracy at Assemblies of other nations, to ask questions, to make sure that letters are received and requests are heard, and also to report back about the atmosphere there towards the Theocracy. The ambassadors are supposed to coordinate their efforts, also in cases like congratulations to homins in other Nations.

Four representatives volunteered to be ambassadors; the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, the Awakened Fitis, Initiate Altamira and my humble self. The Awakened Fitis volunteered to be ambassador in Aeden Aqueous, Initiate Altamira volunteered for the Burning Desert. My humble self volunteered as a protocolist and stand-in just in any such case where the official ambassador should be indisposed. For regional Assemblies though there would be only one fitting solution - for each ambassador to attend to as many regional meetings of cities where their own dialect is spoken as hominly possible.

Since the rules for ambassadors are not set in bark yet it is still a bit unclear what would happen if more than one representative of the Circles, ambassador or not, should be present at a foreign Assembly. Especially if representatives of other Nations should attempt to speak to other representatives of the Zorai instead of the designated ambassador - either because of personal acquaintanceship or because of sharing the same dialect.


#39 [en] 

* the Ranger's plan to remove the kitin-mounds (and -tunnels)

After the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho had left the Assembly the others discussed the current goo-problems a little longer. The Awakened Fitis has wanted to talk about the Ranger's plan of using termites, but she had to leave too. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang admitted that the work of Ardan Keale on four isolated termite-colonies in the Almati-wood looked promising, but it would still pose an ethical problem in her eyes.

Daomei Lin Carthan tried to speak in favour for the Rangers while the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang explained her view of the balance of nature as it is seen by some Zorai based on the political principles of the Theocracy. There are of course also other valid interpretations and this is not to be seen as the one and only irrevocable truth. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang stated that each lifeform on Atys has a different place in the world according to their spiritual advancement, which can be viewed as structured in circles either closer or further from Ma-Duk (also known to some as the Great Kami) which is the purest spiritual form.

I again want to point out that other homins would see the circles of spiritual advancement merely as an outline of our political structures explaining the different respectability and responsibilities of beings within the Theocracy. All Zorai with political functions have been inculcated with the fact that these circles should not be understood as a hierarchy; even though those closer to Ma-Duk are indeed seen as having elated higher in spirituality and the Awakened are viewed as lights to guide Initiates towards enlightenment.

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang also believes that every life form on Atys has a spirit, a parcel of Ma-Duk himself. In her opinion the Zorai ethic should be to never harm any other beings in regard of spiritual accomplishment. The Awakened views natural predators and the need even of homins to feed on other living beings as part of the equilibrium of nature. But no creatures should be harmed without a need, because every being should have the opportunity to strive after spiritual advancement.

On the Sanctuary of Ma-Duk there was a teaching to be read long ago. It said that Ma-Duk can create something out of nothingness, and that he created the seeds of life. It does however not mean that every seed or life form actually carries a part of Ma-Duk within. Instead it was especially noted twice on the Sanctuary that the Kami have a part of Ma-Duk's spirit in them - which was not mentioned for any other life form on Atys. The Kitins were clearly said to be part of the life of Atys, very different from abominations like the Goo that is viewed as a part of the nothingness and the Karavan who are seen as outsiders not belonging to Atys.


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