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Spears of Eora is only 100 days old.

Our alignment is with Karavan, we are citizens with Matis, language is English, guild members from Australia and US. Headquarters in Natae.

We are a small and mature guild, and are now recruiting, all races are welcome to join.

Now having master heavy melee weaponsmith, master light melee weaponsmith, master jeweler and master forest forager the guild can make what ever you need for the game.

We like to do boss hunts, helping other Karavan guilds with op wars and having fun in the game, we do it all.

Leader: Ozwomen

High Officer's: Saevus, Veg and Caelia.

Member: Runfast.

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We welcome our new High Officer's Classy, Netty and Runfast. We also welcome our new Officer's Psykro, Cariet and Ozzieblue. We also welcome our new members Cocogirl, fun, Lightweight and Narw.

Teamspeak3 will be up and running in a day or two, so no more typing.

We are only 189 days old but growing strong with 14 members, most are low levels but working hard to reach higher levels.

We are still recruiting, and look forward to having new players join us in having a lot of fun.

Leader Ozwomen :)

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Good luck with your recruitment, Filira! ;) - And congratulations to 200 days, although that already was a while back now. =)


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Thanks Salazar:)

What do I do now, we have Kara killing Kara in PR's and the lies coming from some guilds. the question is now do I stay and fight or just move to another game?

The Kara aliance is not working. I have to get up at 3am to do boss hunts and so called meetings, and my guild members like to stay in bed. I don't get point becaues it is just me, so why get up at 3am, the aliance is giving me nothing and I give them me at OP wars and I receive nothing in return, plus they say lies in Kara Uni, should I now stop playing this game?

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I'd mainly say: Take a deep breath, lay back, have a cuppa tea and take things less seriously. You are in a different time zone, to start with, and if you have to get up at 3 a.m. just to please others, while it is no fun for you and not even rewarding - drop it, stop it. You're here to have fun. So have fun.

I remember on Leanon I once left work to rush to the computer to help fighting for the Karavaneers saving an OP, and then returned to work. Was it worth it? It was an experience. But then the alliance we had at that time worked rather smoothly, although the Argo Navis mainly profited in the way of RP from it (I have to say the Alliance of Honor, now a Marauder guild, then Karavaneers, always insisted on us taking OP mats afterwards when we/I helped them). Still, if that would have become a rule, I would have stopped it, out of sheer will for survival. Also, one single soldier cannot really decide a war on a battlefield.

There are many ways to work for Matia and for the belief in Jena. Just do the things you want to do, not the things others want you to do. Do things with your guild. Never take things too serious said in a chat. I never take them seriously - only if said "officially" in a roleplay situation, for then it gives me something to use in RP, and then only on an abstract, fictional level. I, as a player, am not touched, nor hurt by it. If someone tries to harass or insult me as a player, I smile and tell him to sod off in my own, very charming way. ;)

So go on, play the game the way you like it. If it feels like work, you do something wrong. Have another cuppa then, or a nap, and then tackle it more relaxed. But don't stop playing the game because of the behaviour of a few. =)


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Spears of Eora have moved back to Yrkanis, we stand united with Karavan and Matis. Our guild is made up of players from Australia. We have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and dedicated to helping all members achieve their ambition with in the game. We are involved in politics, and every thing else Ryzom has to offer. We believe in having fun and lots of fun.

We are independent, and we are not in alliance with any other guild.

We are now recruting new and experienced members, with alignments for Karavan or neutral. Citizens can be Matis or neutral.

Our achievements: Master Elemental Magic, Master Heavy Armorer, Master Light Armorer, Master Medium Armorer, Master Heavy Melee Weapon smith, Master Light Melee Weapon smith, Master Jeweler, Master Forest Forager, Master Prime Roots Forager, Master Kitin Hunter, Florist.

If you would like to be part of this great guild please contact. Leader: Ozwomen or our High Officers: Classy, Cocogirl, Lightweight, Netty, Runfast.

We welcome: Dunk, Miss, Fun and Spirits.

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Spears of Eora

We would like to welcome our new guild members to Spears of Eora : Juicy, Kaeda, Lasery, Miss, Rainbowd, Scooby, Triana, Zooz, Circes, Oaf, Karim, Killingme, Zaand, Tamaboy, Christianjd and Rrake.

Congratulations to our new High Officer : Halper.

Congratulations to our new Officers : Bellebella, Hawkey and Dunk.

We are still recruiting new and experienced members please contact myself our any of our High officers.

High Officers are : Classy, Cocogirl, Lightweight, Netty, Runfast, Veg, Aussieblue and Halper.

Our players are now from around the world.

Leader of Spears of Eora : Ozwomen.

Have fun in the game :)

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We would like to welcome our new guild members to " Spears of Eora "

Assasain, Atpor, Elderom, Lukemagnifico, Xiina, Yovan, Roban, Agape and Fateciy.

We are still recruiting new and experienced members, please contact our High Officers or Officers.

High Officers are : Classy, Cocogirl, Halper, Lightweight, Netty, Ozzieblue, Runfast, Veg.

Officers : Bellabella, Dunk, Hawekey. Congratulations to our new Officer Oaf.

We now have players from: US, France, Malaysia and Australia.

Our guild is relaxed and friendly atmosphere and dedicated to helping all members achieve their ambitions in the game.

Spears of Eora: Leader Oz.

Have fun in the game and take care .

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Spears of Eora.

Congratulations to our High Officer Fateciy, and our Officer Marblos.

Spears of Eora welcome our new guild members : Jahman, Killbill, Towmator, Ghastly, Triedge, Godslave, Wayness, Thylane, Chlobitha, Eleinya, Tellis, Wiln.

Our voice in game is on "Mumble".

We are recruiting new and experienced players, we are now an international guild.
If you would like to join a fun guild, we are Karavan/Matis and neutral.
Please contact : Cocogirl, Classy, Fateciy, Halper, Lightweight, Netty, Runfast, Bellabella, Dunk, Marblos, Oaf, Ozzieblue.

Spears of Eora: Leader Oz

Have fun in the game and take care.

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Halper was recently in a bad accident, (in real life).
We are asking that his friends keep him and his family in their prayers.

Update, Halper is on the road to recovery, thanks for your prayers.

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Spears of Eora is now recruiting.

What we do for you: Help you level in Melee, Magic, foraging, Crafting, make all your armor and jewelry. Help you with dapper missions, fame missions and take you on a tour of Atys, for your teleports.

What we ask of you: Become alliance with Karavan have some fun.

The best way to contact us would be in game or in game mail.

1) United States of America players time zone, send to Fateciy or Chlobitha.
2) Australia players time zone, send to Ozwomen or Veg.
3) France players time zone, send to Wayness.

Guild Leader of Spears of Eora.

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900 Days and counting:)

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grats :)


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Just out having some fun.


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