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Alliance of Honor – The Antikamis

The Alliance of Honor is a covenant of homins who don't pledge their allegiance to any government. No matter what the reputation with the different races is, those who meet the high requirements can join our covenant. Those who pursue the truth behind all those past events like AoH does, those who challenge the foundations of civilizations, those who don't want to follow a god blindly can rise to AoHs admission challenge. But be warned: Some of the boldest and strongest homins did fail this challenge.

We are accountable to the AoH alone. We are honorable comrades, who value nothing more than loyalty to our covenant. Every sin against our principles or against someone from our ranks will create a fire of revenge which will burn until all heresy and doubt is eradicated. We don't allow rules to be imposed on us. We only adhere to the covenant´s own statues, which are written down nowhere, passed only from one AoH to another. They represent our greatest treasure.

We are the enemies of the devious and lie spreading Kamis. We fight them wherever we can! They talk about the light and try to bribe homins with tempting offers. They kill us for a handful of resources or for bending a branch of a bush! They value the plant world above the majesty of intelligent life. They pretend to be selfless, but they consume our spirits using their sneaky magic! They try to contaminate our minds by deceptive tales of a mysterious Ma-Duk, whose only brave action was to sic the devious Kamis on our planet. A being of light and energy?

We fight the Kamis wherever we can and where it is in our power! Even more we fight their followers, those homins who were too weak to resist their empty promises: The followers dedicated to the cult of the Kami, the false belief, worshiping of animals, making them betray the entire humanity every day.

We are the Alliance of Honor! We have our own laws which we enforce with military clout. We do this not by sheer mass but by the elite grandeur of every individual within our ranks.

The Guild

Our intention is to express resistance against the utopia of an ominous Kami dictatorship, as pitiful Kami followers do in their exorbitant decadence and depravity. We, the Antikami, pursue a free development of the mind. The chaos – without the slightest regard for laws or restrictions. We break the chains of the conventional and dusty establishment and we oppose any doctrine of a traditional god!


* We are an independent covenant that is subject to itself only.
* We like the Karavan guardians because they share some of our goals and views but do not devote ourselves to them.
* Our primary objective is rather the extermination of the Kami, not service to the Karavan.
* We use the benefits offered by the Karavan and work with them. Not as servants or devotees but as an ally.

Our goals

• Fighting the incurable misguided Kami followers!
• Destruction of the Kamis with all our available options!

How do I apply properly?

Before you file your application, you should be able to answer the following questions with a “yes”:

- Can I speak and write german?
- Do I have Teamspeak including microphone or a headset?
- Am I at least 20 years old?
- Do I understand the guild code from AoH – the Antikami?
- Am I ready for PvE, PvP and willing to obey a raid leader?
- Am I willing to improve my equipment up to supreme/boss/rubbarn level?
- Am I willing to play for a longer time?
- Am I willing to get all important skills up to Level 250? (Melee, Launcher, Mage, Harvesting etc)


We currently do not seek to recruit new members!

Applications will be accepted exclusively via the 'Bewerben' section of our homepage.

For questions, please contact us via ingame tell or mail!

The guild leadership
Shrox aka Snipes

For questions about applications

Foreign policy and guild relations


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Update: We are now recruiting new members.
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