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Hello Ranger Homins,
The guild Hoodo aims was to work synergy between communities (nations/religions ). (HRP: From the RP point of view, this is a guild of the type "Ranger").
With the emergence of the atysiens dialects (HRP: our IRL languages ​​) it appears interesting to recreate this guild in a Atys-Wide context.
I put the idea of ​​recreating this guild in the international forum. If some polyglot Atysiens could meet and form the basis/direction of the guild Hoodo, we could launch an adventure interesting to share :).
The idea is not to have a guild with a only one langage for everyone, but a place where people likes to share the game and soul with others thru his sensibility and knowledge. You can contact one of the former Hoodo (Rajaaar, Sylwa, Zorroargh) and see the status in the French Encyclopatys.


Zo'ro Argh
Chargé de recherche dans la guilde du Cercle du Bois d’Almati.
Ambassadeur des Rangers auprès des Matis.
Président de la N’ASA et fondateur de Hoodo.
Last visit Thu Oct 29 10:56:45 2020 UTC

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