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Hello !

Although we only recruit people able to speak and understand french, we thought we had to introduce our guild to other communities.

We are a French Marauder Clan born few months ago. We are a serious guild and we can distance ourself form other guilds by the following points :

- We do Roleplay : We built a strong and original background and deeply defend marauders values. To make it short, "the Black Sap" ("Sève Noire" in french) is a kind of drug every members must take. It releases someone true character, completly disinhibit the mind and increase resiliance to pain...
People interested by our background can get in touch with Rory, Kigan, Acour, Alric ou Shayma.
We also consider the surrounding channel as fully RP.

- We do pvp : Some of you probably saw it, but every members are tag. We think it's an effective way to express ourself. It allows us to interact with our enemies but also to create strong bonds between members.
Harvester, Hunter, be afraid, you absolutely may be our next target ! On an other hand, it means we are attackable in every situations, and so we rely on each other very much.

We completely accept our role of "bad guys". Atys is a world in war, and no homins are meant to feel safe. However playing bad guys doesn't mean
playing like bastards. We try te stay fair play : no kill at vortex or teleporter, not killing same player again and again, no provocation without rp, etc...

We are of course motivated to create a strong alliance of marauder guilds. Guilds interested by this new faction and roleplay is welcome to our side ! According to animation team, the marauder camp ( with guildhall, appt, trainers, merchants ...) and porting system sould not be delayed for much longer.

For curious ones, here is our forum address : http://clan-de-la-seve-noire.xooit.fr/index.php

Thanks for reading !

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Ki'gan, dit le Dévoreur d'Espoir. Revenu d'exil en petits morceaux.

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