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Hello, Deles silam, Kamia'ata, Lordoy, oren pyr,

The new shard, Atys, has been open for one month! The different teams are working hard to restore as fast as they can the major part of the content that was not available right after the merge. Life on Atys is slowly getting back to normal, as the events are played, and gameplay options are back online.

Tamarea is now team leader for the game Community Liaisons. Her team will be in charge of all the announcements and be the source of official game communications to players, in all languages.

We are also looking for volunteer translators in order to help us communicate with all the players of Ryzom. If you are interested, please mail tamarea@ryzom.com. At the moment, we are mainly searching for a Russian translator.

Support news

Multiaccount limitation
We do not tolerate the abusive utilization of many accounts. In order to prevent that abuse, we fixed a limitation on the server: Starting now, only 4 accounts per IP address are allowed to log in at any one time. After that, an error message will be shown and further logins will be denied. Particular cases (big families, public places etc...) will be reviewed individually upon request. Please email to support@ryzom.com.

Of course, any use of third-party software allowing a easier use of numerous account (i.e. multiboxing sofware, hardware macro assist, modifications of game client...) are still strictly forbidden.

DEV news


Working on
  • A solution is being processed to temporarily fix the keyboard shortcut CTRL+<num>, allowing you to switch action bars.
Fixed at next server reboot
  • Missing tatoos are back
  • Some teleporter prices are fixed
Tested for next server patch
  • Color of avatars should now appear correctly
  • Avatars should not be part of a league at connection

WebIG : Api and Apps
The translation of the Achievement app to French is currently ongoing. Russian and Spanish versions are also planned.

We have also started the reactivation of various functions of the ARCC. Some are already ingame, such as basic mechanics (creation/modification) of missions, main modules, basic occupation... Some should be available soon, like town gameplay.

  • Titles such as Noble, Awakened, Taliar and Akenak are now available. To show them, you need to have a national fame of 50 or higher. However, characters that went Reckless must send in a support request to have them back. If you are concerned and have enough national fame, please contact the Animation Team at events@ryzom.com
  • Diplomatic, fame, events and Goo Observer titles will be back as soon as the appropriate animation tools are reactivated.
  • Kitin patrols will be back in place once the surface kitin invasion is over.
  • Prime root digging: There have not been any changes in the weather. Also, the amount of excellent and supreme materials is the same. Only the locations were changed, there may seem less as the number of diggers has obviously increased.

Event Team news

Restarting of Non-Saga events in towns
  • Non-Saga events have been started by the RP implementation of a new transport system between towns. They will be followed by the restarting of non-Saga events at the town level i.e. assemblies, small official events, players' events, improvisations. These events will be played in the town language, and will often concern only the town community, and can be different from town to town, from community to community.

  • This year, we will have a special Halloween evening on 31 October 2012. For more info, check the calendar.

Reconquest of New Lands
  • The event aiming at getting rid of the Kitins of the Second Great Swarm will start right after Halloween. Follow the calendar and the forum for further information!

Players' Events
  • The Event team is available to players, and is willing to help create non-official events. Do not hesitate to contact the Animation Team at events@ryzom.com in order to obtain advice or technical support!

The Ryzom Team wishes you a happy game experience on Atys!

Ryzom Team

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AWSOME sauce!!...thanks on the update Tamarea

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"Temporarily fix ctrl+#"  Why not permanently fix it???

Still -- good to have an official communication at all.


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Communication! :D

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Indeed! Thanks for lettungs us know.

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Here answers to two frequently asked questions:

- Town gameplay should be operational after the next reboot.

- Marauder gameplay (camp, ports, NPC, halls, apartments...) should be back in a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks. This delay is needed to complete testing.

Yours sincerely,

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Nice, weekly updates! I could get used to that :)


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Ruhen (atys)
Nice, weekly updates! I could get used to that :)

Now, now, you've been playing long enough to know better! :o)
Ruhen (atys)
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I like it, you get around don't you Vanii? :D

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