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When you're loggin in ont app.ryzom.com or you watch it in-game, there are not notifications on the home screen. I mean the red (1) or (2) or whatever how many you have , next to the "forum" and "mail"... it only shows the notifications when you actually click on them... This means that when I send mails to people that check the forums and mails on their internet, They don't notice they have a new mail... only when They click on it... for me this means I have many mails in my outbox that don't reach the people i want to contact..

I'm sorry if this is a confusing post, I tried to do my best to explain it as clearly as possible

Fitis :)


Another way to check them is in the compass, a forum post shows as the forum icon, mail as the mail one

But i would like this fixed :)


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I have the same problem ;-)
And unterstand what you ment



About the compass I think it's broken in someway, not every mail get's shown in the compass since server merge. No idea what I did or what happend but I know of atleast 1 mail I only saw a day later because it never showed in my compass.
Didn't they show post/mail -count in the WebIG before the WebIG upgrade? (or did I dream that)


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