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Fey-Lin went out of Zora's Temple Hall. After some long administrative proceedings, she finally made her identity and her Awakening recognized by the authorities, that considered her lost because she didn't join the Exodus. She then made her children recognized. All this has cost her taxes that many would judge exorbitants, but she payed willingly, knowing that the Theocracy needed this.
She said her farewell to Ranshizu, the guild that has welcome her, and where shi met again the ramnant members of Wa'Kwaï.
The time had come to act accordingly to what she learned.

She took a look at her brand new insign, symbol of the shizu she just founded : a leaf from a plant of the Jungle, une feuille de la végétation de la Jungle, on a turquoise background, with purple at the edge, colours of the Theocraty.
Talian-zu, home of the allies of the plants, home of the link to the plants, was born.

It was the beginning of something... Homins should be teached what they were losing touch with. They had to be reminded of their link to Atys, to its whole flora, their link as well as of the whole fauna's.
That link, threatened by the Goo, and by the Karavan, at least with it's current standing, that link that many forget cheerfully, blinded by their own excesses.

If teaching were going to be insufficient, act would be required ... Hard to do both at the same time, but unlike the Dryad brothers and sisters, Fey-Lin and the Talian-Zu would be in an easier land for this, within the Theocracy, at least if eight years of Exodus didn't affect Zoraï people's minds.

I hope you understood that Talian-Zu is a Zoraï and Kamist guild, willing to promote roleplay, without neglecting the other parts of the game.
We welcome any character willing to follow the lign of conduct that appear here, and from any language-using origin (providing we can easily interact)

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Fey-Lin Liang

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Good to see a new RP guild! :)
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