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Wild Magus

Leaders: Babbeo, Bagatto, Maw.
Guild created by a weird group of friends, which love to spend time together exploring the wonderful wilderness of Atys.
We are kami oriented, in response to a whispered spiritual calling we received from those elusive magical entities. They are neither good nor bad, just try to keep the balance in nature on Atys. Trying to keep the balance often requires to destroy and rebuild, so we are open to PVP and Outposts battles, but strictly for good reasons and with the guild and other homins acceptance.
We love to help new adventurers to find their way on Atys.

Our main objectives are:

  • safe and fancy exploration (actually more fancier than safe :)
  • to fight the Kitins menace
  • boss hunt
  • digging and crafting the best stuff we can, to help guildies and homins
  • escort to dig in dangerous zones
  • training
  • much more :)

Hope to see you soon, enjoy!

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*cheers on Wild Magus* *\o/* <3

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*More cheering and well wishing*


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Many thanks dear Tears sisters! Hope to see you in soon.

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I would like to congratulate with Laom and Sorinladek for being promoted to Officers, keep on the great work and have fun!

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*\o/* yay Laom and Sorin!!! Congrats

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ty meggy and byrana !!! we hope that the adventure is beautiful !! ;D

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Hello! I grow weary of fighting Gingos and Gaoris in the Burning Desert by myself. Having encountered some of your guild members, this not quite Silan-fresh,Fyros Patriot working towards Kami alignment, is interested in joining your guild. May I please? :D

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Best congrats to Bambamseven which is now a valuable HO of Wild Magus.
Since a couple of month we have a parallel Zorai aligned guild (still Kami obviously), Wild Maguss, to welcome any homin willing to become an awakened.
The first one, Wild Magus, is still Fyros aligned, but the two guilds have to be considered as one.

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nice advertising embers :P


What Cookies is about ---- Contact Cookies ---- Cookies at Events ---- For Cookies Diggers and Crafters

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Many Congratulations to Tomama and Donkeynello, our newest HO's, their success is great and rapid.

We encourage any new, or senior, players interested in Training, Hunting, Digging, and Trekking to join us in our adventures. We enjoy the company of mature and friendly homins(unguilded or guilded). We are accepting of all levels also. Happy hunting and enjoy Atys everyone :))


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--------------->--->Welcome back Maw!!!!<---<----------


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