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With the return of our original Guild Leader, Maw....Leadership of the Fyros Wild magus shall return to him. We are most pleased to have you back Maw. Congratulations! :)


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Wild Magus would also like to welcome Dritzo, Chimai, Janno, and Argyon as new members!! Great adventures await^^
Any homins interested in fun gameplay with mature players, WM is always seeking out friendly peeps^^


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Welcome to the new players, I hope it's fun for all of you !!! ;) I'll be back much more active!!! :))

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Congratulations to Wild Magus for 600 days active!!!! :D
Congratulations also to our beloved Ember, who has Mastered ankle jewel craft!!! :D


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happy birthday friends, congratz! here's to another 600 more to come, CHEERS!


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Congratulations on the 600 \^_^/

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Congratulations to Wild Magus's newest Kami : Luminatrix, Senatrius, and Mereum!!
"May you live an interesting life" --old Asian curse-- ^^


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A couple changes in the House of Wild Magi :
Wild Magus Guild Leader: Bambamseven
Wild Maguss Guild Leader: Tomama


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Gats to our dear Liminatrix for earning her first Master (2haxe) :D

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While it has been my greatest pleasure being Guild Leader of the wonderful group known as Wild Magus, it saddens me to retire my role as GL and as a Kami. As many know there are several issues surrounding topic of balancing factions for sake of community. I will now support Karavan faction. I have elected Luminatrix as heir of Wild Magus.

Guild Leader Wild Magus: Luminatrix
Guild Leader Wild Maguss: Tomama
Guild Leader Wild Maguses: Donkeynello

Goodbye my dear Magi....see ya at OP's ;)

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