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Official News


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Hello, Deles silam, Kamia'ata, Lordoy, oren pyr,

The Ryzom teams (developers, CSRs, Event) wants to thank you for continuing to play Ryzom, as well as for being patient during this merger. We are working full time on getting everything up and running again. Alas, not all of the work we have done is visible to you yet. That is why we have chosen to inform you about what we are working in this post. Enjoy your reading!

DEV news


Being corrected
  • Characters have their name in the wrong color
  • Some tattoos are missing.
  • By default, all the characters are part of the same league when they connect. To leave this league, you have to create a team then leave it, which resolves the problem.

orrected in the next patch:
  • Shortcut CTRL+<num> to change the number of selection action bar.

  • Empty guild description if it contains accents just after guild creation, don't panic! After your next connection, it will be fine.
  • Your character is wearing a helmet, but he does not have the item. This is a purely visual effect due to the merge. If you change your haircut or put on and take off a real helmet, all will be back to normal.


  • Ryzom 2.0. is now available on the Apple Store.

WebIG :
API and Apps

  • ARCC has been transferred to the new shard and is currently being tested. Game additions which depend on ARCC will return shortly. This concerns the Marauder environment (base, NPC, teleports), access to guildhalls and apartments in all cities, transport systems, advanced jobs, etc.
  • The Ryzom API, which is less important, will be put back on later.
  • Achievement: There is an issue that sometimes exploration achievements are not validated. The system checks where you are and unlocks the achievement when your character is saved. Please make sure to keep your character in the right place until you see the "xxx is saved." message in the system info tab.

van and Kami Temples

  • They will stay deactivated until they are built again by your characters. Nevertheless, NPCs are back so everyone can go through the rites.

Support news

  • Please check that your client shows 2.0.0 in the upper right side of your game window during the loading. If it is not the case, you do not have the latest version of Ryzom. Here is how to update:
  • On Windows: once you are disconnected, erase the "unpack" file which is in the game file. Start the game again. If Ryzom is still not updating, install it again somewhere else on your harddrive (e.g. c:\Ryzom).
  • Linux / MacOS: Make sure you have updated the Ryzom client via the update application for your OS.
  • The default language universe channel is the English one. To choose another, press Shift+W then choose the flag of you community in the upper right side of the window.

Event Team news


  • Events are restarting slowly. This is due to the fact that most of the Event Team tools are still being converted for use on the new shard. We ask for a bit more patience.

Cities: attribution and assembly's

  • Assembly's will be organized again as soon as the new game play of the cities are launched (guildhalls, apartments, transport systems) in ARCC. Each community will be assigned to a city around that time. We will announce which city goes to whom.

Temporary Titles

  • Diplomatic and Fame titles will again be available when the title app has been converted.

Elements spawned by the Event Team

  • Elements spawned by the Event Team (walls around the capitals, Kitins,...) disappear each time we reboot the server. They will be spawned as soon as possible following a reboot.

Event Kitins

  • Before the 2nd Great Swarm, we said the kitins would not respawn and would be at the same level as the region they are in. Nevertheless, due to the decision to keep players levels, we decided to have high level kitins. In the end, they are stronger and respawn automatically
  • We will play an event aimed at fighting these as soon as ARCC is up and running. Every character will be able to participate, regardless of level.

The Ryzom Team wishes you a nice stay on Atys! Until next time!

Ryzom Team

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Thanks for the Information =) *bows* u done a good work so far and im looking positive in the future =) i know u work alot and way more just for us players ... but for that u got my highest Respect...


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someone told me a day : Let the past be the past and never look back...except there is a kitin behind ya ^^

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Thx for giving us this update


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Thanks for the update, appreciate it. Looking forward to the new events!


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That answers a lot of questions. Thank you.

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now all thats missing is a decnt placement of mats in the roots, because as it is now it`s nothing more than a bad joke, complete regions are stripped totally of any resource whilst other on other places upto 5 differnt or even same type resources have been stacked on top of eachother.
This is a serious flaw...might aswel cut the roots in half if it stays like this...just picture this in a few weeks.......dozens if not more people trying to get resources on a few square meters space, please do a check on replacements.



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Wouldn't mind the devs fixing the Outposts soon either :P I've heard it's not a top priority, but it really should be because all but 3 outposts are currently useless.

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Thank you for the update. :)

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What does ARCC stand for?

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Thats the marauder tp system i think, when you opend your crystal you got a webig window where you choose where to tp to and that windows title was A.R.C.C.  (This is the only big thing I wwill miss about not being a marauder again)


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Crailus (atys)
Wouldn't mind the devs fixing the Outposts soon either :P I've heard it's not a top priority, but it really should be because all but 3 outposts are currently useless.

Couldn't agree more...they have pretty much totally nerfed PvP!

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What a shame.


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