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Seems like there are some teleports that have incorrect fame requirements post-merge. I only deal with karavan teleports, so I can't say whether or not the Kami ones are doing the same thing, and I haven't been everywhere yet, but these are the ones I've noticed.

Level 100 zones (Fleeting Garden & Oflovak's Oasis visited): pact not available, even with 40 fame.
Level 150 zones (Knoll of Dissent & Sawdust Mines visited): pact available with little or no fame requirement (think I had about 10 fame when I got it)
Level 200 zones (Hidden Source & Savage Dunes visited): pact available same as 150 zones

AFAIK, the level 100 zone teleports SHOULD be available with no fame requirement, and the level 200 ones should require 33 fame.


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There is actually nothing wrong with any of these.

The level 100 zones you stated are alligned teleports. You have to be alligned to the karavan in order to buy them. Currently there is no NPC to allign to the karavan so you are neutral and only have access to the neutral TPs.

The level 150 zones stated are neutral teleports available to all players not alligned to the kami or karavan. Same with the 200 zones you stated.

There are certain neutral teleports in each region except for the 250 and PR zones. Otherwise neutral people would never be able to survive.

Must have been a while since you were neutral ;)

Nothing wrong here.


Meagy :)
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Meagon (atys)
Must have been a while since you were neutral ;)

Apparently long enough that I didn't even know it made a difference. I can honestly not recall any point since 2004 where I couldn't buy the Fleeting Garden pact, lol.


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