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My char haves free account so I got levels reset (not a bug) and supposed to start adventure from scratch.

So I would expect adventure to restart at Silan and all quests behave as they would for any other newly arrived player (except that I have basic pack which should not affect anything).

First bug I noticed it is that on Nethsael (crying boy on Silan) quest when bandits should spawn, there was no bandits. So it's  just false alarm. You may want to investigate if this quest works correctly. Not seems to prevent quest from completion but still weird when promised bandits do nor appear.

Second, in-game web app (which apprars on shift+W) appears to be broken in several ways. It exposes some server configuration. Production servers should NEVER expose things like that to public for obvious reasons. It also names me as "guest" in welcome message. And there is also some error message about getUI().

And last issue is:  when someone of GMs advertises shift+W webapp, it tends to go down and getting timeouts all the time.  It's easy to guess server simply fails to handle load, being hammered with a dozens of PHP requests at the time. Same happened before shutdown when GMs advertised webapps. As for me I guess you may want to try some tricks like caching some stuff to static, etc.

For example server staff can try to take a look on nginx as a frontend. It both great at giving away static files (can serve far more static requests at much smaller server resource usage than Apache could ever dream). This could offload server when serving static files and improve pages loading speeds. And it also can do quite advanced caching which could make a day on things like more or less static pages by turning dynamic (php) requests into static cached version serving (and then nginx is really great at serving static). Sure, this could be a bit tricky but result could be worthy as well. Even caching things for a few seconds can do amazing things on server load. And of course there are other caching proxies as well. Not to mention dozen and half of other optimization techniques. Sure, there are some caveats though.

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Crying boy bug also happens on paid, level retained accounts. It appears to be general.


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