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Bankun Maraundak.

I, Be'rahael Casken would like to announce that Marauder Guild MnM has been changed to Kilek of Akilia. A Marauder guild focused on building its members around PVP and RP is they so choose to. No marauder is obligated to do anything they do not desire. The Marauders are free homins, our motive is too rid of the kitin and destroy the shackles that the two powers and the 4 nations have embraced on all weak minded homins. We also plan extract vengeance upon those nations. Just recently our OP was attacked during a handover. However being without an OP will do us no harm, Marauders have fend for themselves for years without the help of an OP or your politics and deities. Come now homins, take my hand and I'll show you the path where you are a master of your own life and not a slave, submitting to religions because they promise you mountains and marvels but give you nothing. We will bring fun back to game with PVP, nation raids and exciting OP battles linked to roleplay.

Entrance in guild will require an oath (RP reasons) to show your loyalty and worth in guild. The road to a marauder is the road to strength and power. We say "We are Anarchist" as they say "We are proud". Join Trigan Kilek, let us show them the meaning of True Pain.

Banrund Maraundak.

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