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I downloaded the file ryzom_setup_644.exe, but when I try to launch it, an error alert appears that says I have the wrong version for my OS.

I'm running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 with a Core i7 860.

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The 644 is a version number, there is no 64 bit version of ryzom.

But windows 64 should run 32 bit application without a problem?

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But windows 64 should run 32 bit application without a problem?

I agree that it should. However, since I can't get past the error alert, I can't install the game.

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Hmm could you please post the message completely and literally? A screenshot is even better. Since that error is rare (i know a lot of people who use win7 64) it might help in finding the reason. Please also tell us where you downloaded it from (webserver or torrent).

If it doesn't work you can try running it without the installer. I can upload one to a server, but it will take some time and you would need to trust me (running binaries uploaded by anonymous people is not really recommendable). I wont upload if nobody wants to download.

Anyway, it's important (for ryzom) that we get the error tracked down. It might be related to some win7 update. Since the ryzom folder can be copied easily (no install required) not many players use the installer after they successfully installed the game once. Thanks for bringing the problem to our attention, most people will simply turn away if the installer doesn't work.

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You may have a bad/corrupted download. Try a fresh download.

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As others have already said, it's more than likely a corrupt installer. 32bit built Ryzom works just fine, on 64bit. As a matter of fact I am writing this message from inside Ryzom, running on my 64bit Windows 7 pro :)

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The first download was from the link PCWorld provided when they had an article about MMORPGs (highly favorable to Ryzom, I should add). I suspected a bad installer and so downloaded directly from the website www.ryzom.com, which resulted in this alert:

[Icon: Red circle with white X emblazoned]
The version of this file is not compatible with the
version of Windows you're running. Check your
computer's system information to see whether you
need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the
program, and then contact the software publisher.

(I couldn't find a way to upload a screenshot-- that might be lock out of a guest account.)

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Just downloaded the client from site to help you...

When starting the installer I get the following message (translation of the German text):
[Icon: Red circle with white X emblazoned]
This File doesn't have a valid digital signature that verifies the author. You should only run software which stems from authors you trust. [link: Which software can be executed?]

You can ignore this warning and press the [run] option (but maybe the devs should at least insert the Author of the Software for the next time as "Unknown Author" is not too trustworthy)

Then I get a select for the installer language (de, en, fr) where I went with English.

And after selecting the install location it extracts a lot of files.

So there's nothing wrong with the installer up there, so here are some validation options:

Filesize: 1 501 611 693 Bytes (1.39 GB) - the real size, NOT the one that depends on sectors and such which is a little bigger.
Torrent: get the torrent file and open it with your favorite bitTorrent application then say that it should save in the same place where you saved your already downloaded installer - it should say that it's 99.9% done and try to download a 291B "Distributed by Mininova.txt" - if not then your installer is corrupted and the torrent will fix it.
Checksum: If you don't have one get a tool to check CRC32 then check the checksum of the installer - it should be DBFCBE99 (for later readers: this is the current version 644)

If all these things say that it's a valid file and you're still getting the error message you can try to get around it this way:
1. Open the installer with your favorite zip program (like 7zip, win rar, ...) by right clicking it and selecting the apropriate option.
2. create a directory somewhere on your harddrive where it makes sense (Default would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Ryzom ) and take care that there's at least 6.5GB of free disc space there (even more if you use the C drive)
3. extract all files in the root directory to the directory you just created (NOT the $xxx folders)
4. then extract the content of $_OUTDIR to the same folder (should be 5 folders with a lot of files in them)
5. right-click and drag the client_ryzom_rd.exe to your desktop and select the option to create a shortcut there.
6. double click the configure.bat and select the appropriate settings for your system and preferences. (most importantly General -> Language and Display -> Parameters (Fullscreen/Windowed + preferred size)
7. double click the shortcut you've just created, login and get the patch to the current version 659 (36.7MB)
8. Read (and accept) the license agreement
9. create your character and have fun playing
10. if anything's looking weird press U and go to the general graphics settings - there are more advanced configuration options for screen ratio, texture size and so on (needed on widescreen with fullscreen)

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Jarnys' howto is great, it will most likely allow you to play.

Google-ing the error message brings up a lot of people who have similar issues with their win7 64 running 32bit applications. I checked a lot of them: About half are unresolved, the other half either has some application-specific workarounds or got resolved via an application patch. The error message is a windows error dialog.

In the interest of ryzom, devs may want to find out how the other companies fixed that issue. It might be related to some previously installed 16bit software interfering with the installer. Or a 64bit tool invoked in a 32bit context.

Since the installer seems to be some rather simple unpacker the easiest way will be replacing it with something newer.

Edit: some readups:

http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-window s_programs/installing-32-bit-games-on-64-bit-windows-7/c32e4dc0-a 239-445f-89aa-d31e1ba9523e

(check Linney's posts, he is MVP and don't try anything related to Virtual PC / Windows XP Mode)

http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-ga ming/running-game-this-version-of-the-file-is-not/1e20c9c8-6929-4 e31-9eac-2b8221b127b8

(Ajay K is MS support rep., try her (his?) suggestion on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135)

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Just as a note, I run Ryzom in both a Win7x32 and x64 environment. I have no issues in either instance (outside the "normal" random crash entering Zora).


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