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Red Ribbon Army

Blood for the blade, dappers for the tribe!

"Hey you! Yes you! Care to donate a few dappers to this old, shadow of a man?
Thank you! Bless you!
Come here, have a seat next to me and I'll tell you the story of a small pack of warriors and artisans. Come on, don't be shy!
Over 30 years ago, on a warm summer day, I arrived here in Fairhaven..."
"...and that's why I'm out on the streets again, broke and with a supply of 300 "Rehn For Gov'nor"-shirts."

-Who are the Red Ribbon Army?

The Red Ribbon Army is a small group* of laid-back outlaws running some harmless businesses that everyone doesn't agree with. But that's life, and what does it matter anyway? (Mostly) everything we do works out just fine in the end.
We are in good standing with the Tryker Federation, and are based in the city of Fairhaven, Aeden Aqueous.

*group might be smaller than expected

-Can I join the Red Ribbon Army?

  • Is everything in the clear between you and the Tryker Federation?
  • Do you have equal thoughts of the two higher powers?
  • Do you have at least on working leg?
If your answer is 'Yes' to all of those questions, our answer is 'Yes you can!'. Write a few lines about yourself and send it to Jable, Loria's Rise, Fairhaven.

-What can the Red Ribbon Army offer me as a member?

Amazing opportunities*! Otherwise? Pretty much nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip.

*might not differ from your currently available opportunities and/or might not be amazing as described

Red Ribbon Army


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