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If ya don't have Fame 0 or greater see "Race Fame Basics" Thread


In Ykranis, there are 3 corporals, one in each of the 2southernmost of the 3 acorn shaped buildings east of Zachini Ward (Antonni Beni & Liccio Chiachio). The third is in the acorn shaped building south of Kara TP ( Vara Frecco).

If ya visit all three corporals and Cirgio Alteri* (see below) this is what ya gotta do:

Kill 4 Wrath of Natae
Kill 6 Turn of the Tide (1 + 3 + 2*)
Kill 3 Davae's Clutch (2 + 1)
Kill 2 Border Blights (1 + 1)
Kill 7 Avalae Charmers (1 + 2 + 4)


Sergeant's Building, use south door into building @ southwest corner of Darvae (Bechi Chiado & Rosirne Miadera)
Kill 4 Seed Addicts in Fleeting Garden
Kill 4 Fleetimg Lords in Fleeting Garden
Kill 1 Sacred Sap in Fleeting Garden

Kill 2 Firebooters in Knoll of Dissent
Kill 4 Casters of Dissent in Knoll of Dissent
Kill 3 First Deserters in Knoll of Dissent

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Captain's Building, use northeast door into southeastern building of Natae (Gichi Ciobi & Vara Cuisi)
Kill 3 Grove Tyrants in Grove of Confusion
Kill 1 Maddening Maid in Grove of Confusion
Kill a Ancient Dryad in Grove of Confusion

Kill 2 Jena's Cuss in Hidden Source
Kill 1 Spoiler in Hidden Source
Kill 4 Woven Bridles in Hidden Source

Captain's Building, use southeast door into southeastern building of Avalae (Viccia Gilo & Vassia Cuiini)
Kill 3 Sap Rakers in Upper Bog
Kill 1 Ecowarrior in Upper Bog
Kill 4 Slash and Burn in Upper Bog

Kill 1 Hovel Spook in Heretics Hovel
Kill 2 Heathens of the Hovel in Heretics Hovel
Kill 3 Channel Gaugers in Heretics Hovel


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Bumped by request by all those starting over on new server ..... got tired of checking what number it rolled to [will replace with something actually useful shortly :) ]


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Bumped again ... since someone asked for it to be unpinned, it's hard to find and with NH Fame being removed, more folks will be looking for it.


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