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The Heartless is a guild for Contracted General Services. Not limited to any one job, role or profession, we are available for hire to help anyone with anything. No job is too little or too small for us to handle... for the right price.

We're just starting out, so right now we're accepting anyone who's willing to live this sort of life.

The guild asks for nothing from its members, other than spreading the guild's name and bringing the guild work when you're unable to do the job.

Possible jobs include: Harvesting, Hunting, Crafting, Trading, Transporting Goods, and even PvP.

The Heartless is primarily a Role-Playing guild, and as such members should try to remain in character while playing. There is an [OOC] section of the forum for anything that needs to be discussed out of character.

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You might want to change your description to Contracted General Services. The word "mercenaries" implies to most people only the martial aspects of hiring assistance. Since you are describing much more than that, you need a description of a full service organization.

Welcome to the New Lands, and thank you for attempting to set up such a guild. You might want to consider beautiful downtown Fairhaven as an excellent location for your corporate headquarters.

-- Bittty


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Thank you for that - I couldn't quite place exactly what to call the services offered aside from mercenary, and you've answered that perfectly.

Thank you for the welcome, I actually started this guild through the Guild Clerk IN Fairhaven and I do plan on placing the headquarters there.
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