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The other day, a csr asked for a mac volunteer to try and change title on the info page. I volunteered and was asked to "refresh" to get rid of a timeout error msg. Ever since I am getting PW's every 1 to 2min. If I do nothing, they can take 4 min or more to resolve. If I use "refresh" on the web page they resolve in 3 or 4 secs. What can I do to stop them? It is an Imac running OSX 10.6.8 2.7 ghz intel core i5, AMD radeon HD 6770 graphics chipset

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Hi Djedi,

A PW can be caused by several things, and they are almost all related to disruptions in the communication with the server or with a high load on the server. (I doubt that the refresh of your info tab has anything to do with your problem, as this is communicating with a different server entirely. Most likely it is coincidence.)

If you have PW's often and others do not, this usually means that there is a local problem; either with your home router or network, or with your ISP.

Very often a router and/or computer reboot fixes the issue.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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I rebooted the computer, reset the router and the cable modem. Additionally, this is the only program I have the issue with...that is...another game, planeshift, runs fine...and there is no evidence of a delay with the internet or anything else. The reboot didn't help at all...I also removed the game and did a complete install...still no help. PW every 1 to 1 1/2 min. You know more than I do, but it is doubly coincidental that the pw started with the refresh, and is resolved with refresh....(with refresh the pw resolves in 3 or 4 secs, without refresh it takes 4 or 5 min. The game isn't really playable like this. I limp along killing psyks or something that won't give me a problem but I can't be anywhere dangerous and that's a big part of the fun in the game.

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You mean that if you refresh the info tab during a PW, the PW resolves quickly, but if you don't, it lasts for a lot longer? Then I misread your post and it seems that they are related.

Can you email your client.log to That may be able to tell us more about the casue. Or, if you can come online now, we can do some real-time troubleshooting.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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yes that is exactly what happens ....w/refresh quickly, w/o resolution for a long time. How do I get the client log? and there a way to turn off the 'communications' portion? I always have the forum open in safari..cuz its easier for me to read ( and a lot of catching up reading for me)

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The client.log can be found here: ~/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/client.log

See here if you have trouble finding the library:


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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k, thanks... I'll get it out to you in an email....thank you again for your prompt attention.
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