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[In the solitude of his sen-hay, Gorran takes pen and parchment and begins to write. Loyal messengers wait outside, ready to race to the capitals of the Four Nations to deliver his letters.]

Homins of the Four Nations!

I have spoken with many of you over the past few days regarding the Marauders and I am at once amazed and dismayed by the responses I received. Some call for making concessions to them to extirpate some imagined guilt. Others refuse to take any action if it means that Kami Disciples and Karavan Followers will be standing shoulder to shoulder. Lastly, there are those who are truly brave homins willing to band together against any threat to the Four Nations.

Those who call for concessions clearly believe the half-truths told by Melkiar and now by his daughter, Akilia. Like the Marauders themselves, these homins claim that we owe the Marauders some penance for the imagined misdeeds of our forefathers. The truth of the matter is that the ancestors of the Marauders were *not* abandoned, they did not heed or did not receive the call to leave the Old Lands. Our forefathers saved as many lives and as much heritage as they possibly could. Had they not done this, then there would be no Zora, no Pyr. There would be no Yrkanis nor Fairhaven. Were these acts, acts that saved so many lives and preserved so much knowledge; I ask you, were these acts crimes that must be repented? No! The only crimes are those that have been committed by the Marauders themselves who come as invaders and usurpers bent on destroying the very Nations we hold dear!

To those who refuse to fight side by side, Kami and Karavan. Would you refuse such a call if the Kitin or the Infected were involved? The Marauders are as much a threat to civilization as the Kitin and Goo. Like the Kitin they attack the Nations directly. Like the Goo, they infect and corrupt from inside. See them for what they are, put aside your differences and fight for your families, your homes, your lives!

Lastly, you brave homins who stand together against any threat to homins and the Nations. RISE UP! Heed the call again and again, without fail, to stand against all that seek to destroy what we and those before us have worked to build up.

I call on all homins to join me and other like hearted homins in standing against Akilia and her ilk.

I await your reply.

In Haste,

Gorran Zhuangi, Zoraï Awakened
Shizu, Guardians of Zora

((Contact me to coordinate our efforts, in game mail: Gorran(Arispotle) or /tell))

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The threat to all of us from the Marauders is plain, and where there is a common threat there must be a unified response. I for one cannot understand any Homin who refuses to join the fight because of petty local rivalries.

I stand with you, Gorran Zhuangi.


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Those who know me, know me to be a devout follower of Jena and a loyal citizen of New Trykoth.

Those who know me also know that I will aid any homin in need. Against a common foe, all civilized homins must stand together or surely we shall fall.

-- Mac Od Bittty

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[Gorran sits quietly in his apartment, a messenger, a Matis, quietly opens the door.]

I looked up at the blond Matis, she was dressed in purple Modi Wiva.

"Sai-Ju Din, the door keeper? He sent me in," she said softly. "I said I had a letter for you and he said you were expecting me?" She held out a sealed letter.

I smiled. "Thank you, please sit and have something to drink." She sat and poured herself some psykopla punch. "What is your name little sister?"

Anger or surprise, so hard to tell with the Matis some times, flashed across her eyes. "Little sister?"

"We are all children of Atys, are we not? So, if all children of Atys, then all brothers and sisters. But tell me your name, I am Gorran."

Her face softened. "Rosini Vidi, I am Rosini Vidi. I've live here in Zora for some time now but was on business in Yrkanis. Before returning home, I checked to see if there were any packages or mail that needed to be delivered here in Zora. Yours was the only one."

"Thank you Rosini." I broke the seal on the letter and began to read. A sense of ease washed over me and I must have smiled.

"Is it good news?" asked Rosini.

"Very, would you wait a moment longer? I have some letters to quickly write." She nodded so I took out parchment and quill and began writing.

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----

Defenders of the Four Nations,

So many of you have answered the clarion call to stand against Akilia and her designs to pull down the Nations. As a body, we will go to take Akilia into custody and put end to her attempts to bring anarchy to the Lands and to persuade those she has deceived into seeing the error of her ways.

Akilia has given veiled threats against any who approach that are loyal to the Nations. We must expect that she means to enforce those threats by force of arms; so, we will go in full battle regalia, ready to meet any show of force that Akilia and her supporters may make.

We will gather from across all the Lands at 23h - Dua, Winderly 14, 1st AC 2604*. Post this in every city and village, let all homins know that the citizens of the Four Nations stand united against this new threat.

In Haste,

Gorran Zhuangi, Zoraï Awakened
Shizu, Guardians of Zora

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----

I quickly wrote out copies of the letter, sealed them and handed the stack to Rosini.

"Please give these to Sai-Ju, ask him to find his fastest messengers." Rosini nodded as she stood and quickly left the apartment.

'Now we must prepare,' I thought, 'and may Atys keep us safe.'

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