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Hello, can someone help me?
I have a problem with my driver and i can't enter in the game. I click in the game icon and shows a message like "ATI RADEON X700 SERIES DEVICE CURRENT: ROCOMENDED VERSION:" and i puch the bottom to upgrade and i can't.

Can someone help-me with this problem? i can't play the game because of this and i don't know what do.

Please support, say something.

Have a great day, Thanks!

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I get random stuff like this every once in a while. Repair tool has never worked to fix it, I've always had to reinstall. Sometimes I get prompted for a patch and it reverts to an old patch and I have problems like this. Reinstalling doesn't take long if you have the setup downloaded already.

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Used to be they told you to run the repair a few times to shake out your problems.Couple years back when they did some things they told you don't use it anymore. You also can no longer use the original disc to do an install so apparently changes were made that made the repair tool no longer any good-Kil


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Have you attempted to upgrade your computers video drivers?


Or uninstall the game via the "Add/Remove Programs" and reinstall with your antivirus resident scanner disabled ONLY during the duration of the install.
You might want to use the same method if you get offered to install new video drivers as well.
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