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I'm a new player, I created my character but when I click "play" the game don't start. I have only a black window.
If I create a character on other server the game start without problems (but I'd like play on Arispotle)

Is there any solution? thx

(ps: my english is not very good XD)

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Sometimes the login is slow (black screen). Let it sit 5 minutes (sometimes it picks up during that time) before you terminate the process. Then try again.


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I tried several times. I also waited 30 minutes but nothing happens. The game don't start

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This is pretty unusual. Please try to make another toon for Arispotle to make sure nothing went wrong in the character creation process. Use a name no longer than 13 letters, without special characters, numbers or white spaces.

If it doesn't work, please delete you client.log and log.log files. Afterwards try again once and upload those files somewhere, post the links here. You can also try CeB support chat ( on windows, you can also find an email support link there, you may send logs there too).

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I deleted the files and created a new character but nothing changes

here are the links about the new character: (client.log) (log.log.)

I have also this file: (error_join.log)

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I would recommend taking those files (not the links to hotfile -- it only lets a free user download one file every 30 min.) and pasting them into an email to the support email. You should also indicate what operating system you are using.

The black screen is an indication that for some reason your system and the server are not connecting - it is unusual that Arispotle would not work and that Aniro and Leanon would.


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