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Hi, I have re-installed Ryzom on March (I had stopped playing since october). I noticed that about 50% of the times when I lunch the game, after the playing char selection, it just hangs on the last circle progress bar piece. I have to kill it and restart it 2 min later. This usually does the trick. But tonight, it happened twice in a row.

I was able to play last night. I use extream speed cable from Montreal Canada. My usual ping in Ryzom is 350-400.

When I look at the client or log file, it just seams to be looping for ever on :
2012/04/24 20:22:01 WRN 704 client_ryzom_rd.exe network_connection.cpp 2295 CNetworkConnection::stateProbe : CNET[01441FB0]: received normal in state Probe

Windows XP Sp3
AMD Athlon XP 3000
Radeon HD 4650
2Gb memory

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HI Browserice,

Is this issue still continuing? My first suspicion is that it's a local problem (router/cable) or a problem with your ISP. Can you post a log file of one failed session please? (So delete the log and then try to enter one time, if it fails then upload, if it succeeds then delete and try again)


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