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Have searched high and low for a gui driven driver config option for my graphix card (onboard Intel 945gm/gms).

Doesn't necessarily have to be gui driven but that would be nice...

driconf is pretty slim on options w/ not much discernable difference.
conky's mainly a reporting utility but wouldn't mind it if someone had the variables and values readily available for the config file--may eventually search those out further myself.

Any solution for a debian based distro would be greatly appreciated.

The game is fully playable with quite good graphics, but there are a few annoying aspects that a better tweak tool would probably solve fairly easily.


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While I am not a Mac or Linux user, I would recommend waiting until the patch comes out (and the patch on the patch comes out -- there is sure to be at least one bug in the patch) before getting too involved in this.


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Ok, as suspected--and since the initial patch notes did not mention it--the patch did not address any issues for such a specific question/issue.

Perhaps Sywndt can weigh in on this one...no rush though, I may figure it out myself before too long.
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