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I´m a bit confused. You brought us the "new" RP-Boards at the Wiki-Page and now you bring even more?
I mean, the last "new" RP-boards were accepted with quite a bit of critique, because the cut off the RP from the public boards and new players had only a small chance of discovering them. Will these "new" boards die now?
I mean, who needs three boards for the same game?
I just got used to posting in the Wiki-boards and now you come along with another new one. Making the atys.rytom boards in fact obsolete again. Isn´t that a bit redundant?
Unless you´re planning on leaving them for public use only.
So that the separated InGame Forums, which so neatly prevent people of different factions to read RP posts that may be interesting to them as well, will be strictly for Ingame Information that is not supposed to be seen publicly.
Which in my opinion would be a blessing and a curse at one.
Please forgive my confusion and my pestering, but also please tell us what happens to the atys.ryzom.com boards now?



Deles Silam. Jena lye aiyias, Homins.



for the moment nothing changes for the boards of atys.ryzom.com, but we're actually reflecting on that.
For every changement we'll do, you'll be avertised by annoucements, like usual. :)

More to come soon.



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