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Mutual GNU / Linux


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Hello Ryzom Community,

I have a problem when executing Ryzom in my Linux 64 PC. I downloaded an updated the client and when executed, a black window appears, I cannot see anything but the cursor of the game.

Anybody can help me with this topic?

#2 [en] 

i'd suggest starting the client from the terminal and keep an eye for any useful message.

On a separate terminal you could also "tail -F log.log", in Ryzom's directory, to see what's going on in realtime. Or simply open that file in a text viewer/editor and try to find why it's failing.

Good luck,

#3 [en] 

The content of my log file is http://pastebin.com/MR3NKAac

There is no output in the terminal where I execute the razor_client.sh

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