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I know that for many years the "weather" that materials deposits react to was not reflected in the "weather" that the client reported on the Map window, or to the visual effects of rain, thunder, etc.

However, with the release of the Linux and Mac clients, that seems to have been changed -- for them. I know that a toon standing next to me whose user is on a Mac or a Linux box does not see the same weather as I do (or, for that matter the same flowers in some cases. (The flower that I reported in the forums at http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/?page=topic/view/10773/3 was invisible to a friend running on a Mac.)

In addition, several people (Mac and Linux) now tell me that they get consistent results probing the materials sources based on weather as well as season and time.

So, my question is, when is the Windows client going to get fixed?


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Probably about the time the Linux & Mac clients' mp3 player, ring use & editor, and Quit -> Character Selection button get fixed : )

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Quitting to char selector doesn't work for me on windows either so that one doesn't count :D

Would be nice to get the right weather!
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