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after editing a post in plain text mode, then switching into wysiwyg via the bottom left "Toggle" link, then switching back via the same Toggle link, then submitting, the posted text is empty or just contains the first word.

This happened to me twice this week.

I'll try to create another post after this thread opening and try to reproduce the behavior here.



testing post with more than one word


testing again - of course it always works when trying to demo - that's life


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Ok. Bad :-/ Cannot reproduce. Anyone else having this problem?


Ah. Ok. Look at Post #3:

Originally the post contained just the first line. -> Submit. -> Ok

Then edited it and corrected live->life. -> Submit -> Worked fine.

Then edited again. This time adding one line with "Even", then hit return, then Toggle mode to Wysiwyg, then enter "this", return, "works", return, then submit -> Last two lines are missing.

They even vanished first in the webpage where I pressed "submit" right after the button press and before the page refreshed. So it seems this might be due to some action before submit. Some javascript?


seems to be bug in tinymce.

if you switch from editor to plain mode, make changes and then hit submit/preview when still in plain mode, then old text from editor gets saved.


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