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#1 [en] 

Frequently asked questions (and their answers) will be listed here and will be maintained by the Events Team.


SEM Arispotle

#2 [en] 

To get an event listed on the Events Forum post it first in the Roleplay Forum (OOC events as well). The event will be moved to the Events Forum by an administrator and will be added to the Events Calendar. All player organized events will be preceeded by the [Player] indication in the Events Forum.


SEM Arispotle

#3 [en] 

Fyros Akenak:
Fyros Patriot (50+ Fyros fame)
Elected by Patriots

Matis Noble:
Matis Subject (50+ Matis fame)
Karavan Follower (50+ Karavan fame)
Guild leader or high officer of active guild (5+ active members)

Tryker Taliar:
Tryker Citizen (50+ Tryker fame)
Guild leader of active guild (5+ active members)

Zoraï Awakened:
Zoraï Initiate (50+ Zoraï fame)
Kami Follower (50+ Kami fame)
Approved by Sages


SEM Arispotle

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