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I've started playing Ryzom again after many years of "away-time". But there is one big annoying graphical issue, which prevents me from enjoying the game:

Despite the fact that i have maxed out all graphical options, problems with bad textures occur randomly. Trees have bad textures - buildings sometimes too. The same tree can in one moment have good textures and once turned away and back, it has bad textures. Sometimes the same tree have both good and bad textures. I guess the pictures below describe the issues best.

My computer specs:
  • Intel Core i3 CPU ~3,1 Ghz
  • AMD Radeon HD 6870 (not overclocked)
  • 4GB Ram
  • Windows 7 64-bit
Can someone please tell me whats happening - and if possible suggest a sollution?

Best regards
A hopefull player

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Hi Manireyo, welcome back.

You can try opening the ryzom configuration program (ryzom_configuration_rd.exe in install directory) and setting your graphics to "Direct3D" and if that doesn't help to "OpenGL". Let me know if that helps or not.


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Despite the fact that i have maxed out all graphical options

That's probably the issue :)

try setting all to "LOW" preset, and work from that untillit's too high and things start breaking again. Then use the max settings that still work.

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Coincidentally enough I had this problem when I logged on today (on Silan). Changing landscape preset to "medium" and then back up to "high" fixed the problem for me.


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Thanks for the help so far. I've tried to start Ryzom via the Configuration file, where I edited all graphical settings from low to high and switched between D3D and OpenGL.

No matter what i choose - the failure gets coming back in a randomly pattern - but most noticable arround the Camp and when weather changes to stormy. And sometimes it just takes longer for the game to load the right textures than normal.

But when I run the game with "Administrator Rights" and set the compability to "Windows XP Servicepack 3" - it seems that the textures are normal again, but still load slowly arround the Camp.

I hope it's just an issue on Silan and will go away when i reach the Mainland.

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Have you checked the in-game settings for Tile Near Clip and Far Clip? There was a bug reported some time back for Mac Clients that if it those were the same that things got weird. All you had to do was make it not the same.

I'll check back in as soon as I have the real names.
Edited to put in real names. They are in The System:Graphics: Landscape settings.

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