#1 [en] 

*For only who have 100 Kami / Karavan fame*

Add a small effect on 1-10 seconds before the last effect, 'cuz most people don't know we are teleporting instead of standing on ground.

100 fame isn't easy to get, so I think it would be worth for little small effect.

This is my first time posting idea...don't blame me please ><


#2 [en] 

What do you mean we already get a special effect when teleporting to somewhere that starts around 5sec before the actual tp, the comon folks tp is just the same like the 100kara/kami but without the animation on the last 5sec so they look to be just standing around aswell.
Or do you mean you want an animation for ariving somewhere?


#3 [en] 

Yeah, we have 5 seconds effect before actual tp :D

And yes I would like to suggest a small effect too after tp to somewhere :D

#4 [en] 

A loud Ta-Da sound effect followed by a Kara space ship hovering over you as port would be a sufficient add on:).-Kil


#5 [en] 

add in some laser show Kil and I'll be happy :)


#6 [en] 

Hmm, it might be nice to have the same effect we get on teleporting away also announce our arrival at the place we teleport to...

But it would be purely for other people, as we'd never see it ourselves.
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