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Bazaar (arispotle)



Woha miko-ito!

I am looking for multiple items, though not necessarily from the same crafter. I have tried to supply myself from vendor re-sells but it appears that a lot of higher quality items are simply not available this way.

I'd like all to be Q200 and at least choice grade. Any racial plan will do.
  • Long Axe, maximum damage
  • Heavy Armor, basic HP boost
  • Light Armor, basic focus boost
  • Jewel Set, basic HP boost, prefer poison/acid but any resists accepted
  • Jewel Set, basic focus boost

I offer dappers or basic/fine mats up to Q170, to be foraged. Expect future business for amicable transactions.

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If ya wanna dig w/ me any evening, (EST), be happy to dig the mats with you. Send a PM ...usually in GoC weekends and evenings.

Long term, if ya keep ya dig skill among your highest, you'll have no problems getting things crafted.


Contact me ingame if you haven't already got your armors sorted out....
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