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Woha miko-ito!

I am looking for multiple items, though not necessarily from the same crafter. I have tried to supply myself from vendor re-sells but it appears that a lot of higher quality items are simply not available this way.

I'd like all to be Q200 and at least choice grade. Any racial plan will do.
  • Long Axe, maximum damage
  • Heavy Armor, basic HP boost
  • Light Armor, basic focus boost
  • Jewel Set, basic HP boost, prefer poison/acid but any resists accepted
  • Jewel Set, basic focus boost

I offer dappers or basic/fine mats up to Q170, to be foraged. Expect future business for amicable transactions.

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If ya wanna dig w/ me any evening, (EST), be happy to dig the mats with you. Send a PM ...usually in GoC weekends and evenings.

Long term, if ya keep ya dig skill among your highest, you'll have no problems getting things crafted.


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Contact me ingame if you haven't already got your armors sorted out....
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