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Hello all, I don´t know if this is the correct forum but this proposal refers to the web app topic somehow.

I think an event newsticker on the Ryzom-Homepages www.ryzom.fr, www.ryzom.com and www.ryzom.de about ongoing and upcoming events on the french, international and german server would be great.

For this the newsticker could be linked with "Next events" and "Latest RP news" from the web app frontpage to inform homepage visitors, prospective new players and Ryzom players as well about latest activities on each server.

Okay, announcements about the "Tryker assembly" wouldn´t tell much to visitors, maybe "Assembly of the Tryker people" or similar expressions could be used instead.
Sorry if my English is not really good but I hope the idea gets clear to present the server event activities to the public outside Ryzom.

Greetings to all ;-)
(P.S. For the record: idea from me and Zhoi / Leanon)

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