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Should we have the option to make non-anonymous polls?
Yes! If you're not doing anything wrong, you've no reason to fear exposure! Privacy is the refuge of the scoundrel! Anonymity only breeds corruption! I want to know who I should harass in tells! 11 (1)
No! People should be able to express their opinion without fear of the oppressive regime! Down with Big Brother! Censorship breeds totalitarianism! Nobody needs to know I vote with all my alts! 8
Wait what? I want an option that doesn't have negative consequences or far-reaching political implications, while still being meaningful! Then I want to divide by zero and ride the unicorn! 4 (2)
Other 4
Abstain 3


Simple enough. The old forums gave us the choice of making our polls anonymous or non-anonymous. I'd like that option back.

't is hard to take polls serious when have no idea how many votes are serious and how many are from alts, or free account trolls, or whatever.

Ofcourse some polls are never serious, but that's besides the point.

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voted "yes" - but really only as an OPTION and not as something obligatory.



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Jarnys (Leanon)
voted "yes" - but really only as an OPTION and not as something obligatory.

Yep, that is my request too. It should be the creator's choice.


The poll options made me giggle... I voted yes. Because, this is the Internetz, we are ALREADY anonymous enough if we don't reveal our true identity by using character names... and should have the balls to stand by our opinions anyways.


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