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Oh dear, it seems I forgot to write down the question. Or any real options.
This just goes to show we need some way to correct our polls! 10 (3)
You did that on purpose! Suffer for your mistake! 6
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I'm sure I'm not the only person who has added a poll to their thread only to then see they made the sentences too long to fit, or to realise 2 minutes later "darn, forgot an important option".

Obviously, there are problems with allowing us to edit a poll. (Everybody voted no on my idea?! I'll just edit the poll and change that "no" into "yes" then!)

But, how about letting us at least preview our poll? Or letting us edit it as long as nobody has voted yet? Or letting us close it and add a new poll to the same thread? Any of those would help most cases of this problem.

(Or can I just make a new thread with the correct poll and ask a GM to delete the old thread and move all replies to the new thread? I suppose that'd solve it too.)


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You can edit your poll, just click "Poll" at the top right.

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Sywindt (Arispotle)
You can edit your poll, just click "Poll" at the top right.

There is no Poll option after clicking the submit button, at least not for masses.


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Ah yes, it must be visible only if you have adminrights (you can edit if you are Guild leader and the poll is in guild forum for instance)

I agree that this may be useful :)


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Wait, so the GMs can edit our polls? So they can sneakily change the "yes" and "no" around after everybody's voted? >_>


Oh yes :)


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That is what admins are meant to be capable, see BOFH ;)


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