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The link in my signature shows up as a line of code ingame and clickable links in general, while they work in my internet browser, show up as a code line ingame as well.

Is it because clickable links are not meant to work ingame ?


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I can see why links shouldn't work in-game. I think they should probably display the text between the tags and not the URL or anything else not intended to show up.

On the other hand, showing the URL would allow you to type the location into your browser.

Trade-offs. *sigh*


This indeed seems to be intentional, allowing you to see the url before clicking on the link.


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Well, not exactly - it doesn't show the URL in a web browser, just the link - and there's no link to click ingame. As expected.

I think nicer formatting for what shows up in-game might be the best solution, but it's a "nice to have", not a "must fix".


Oh I see now, URL tags do not result in a working link at all. Totally missed the point there sorry.

I think the reason is that the in game browser does not support most pages and would show them badly formatted anyway. I think we should consider this a work in progress for the moment :)


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