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since we can't 1) tp over and over to the same place again and 2) can't tp long range using nh (yes, we were aware this wasn't intended...)

could we at least be teleported directly next to the NH NPCs?


I think everyone who "fixed" this is aware that we have to continually tp over, and over, and over again just to "break" nh enough to hand in

The system has some inherrant flaws of supply and demand. The demand to hand in is very high, much higher than usage. This really should be adjusted.


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Unfortunately, when supply is high, prices go down. That should be true for both using NH and the reward that they offer. So if NH paid less, less people will donate, allowing more people to donate...

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granted :) i agree with your logical statements

unfortunately the point of nh in the context of a game is to give us income and points

any sort of nerf to the payout will just result in no one using it
i guess it would be nice if we could find other ways to tax the system instead of just clicking like machines

derailing my own topic :D


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Yeah, I wouldn’t want to nerf it completely either, but I don’t feel that people are just entitled to thousands of dappers everyday for every alt that they logon. Maybe the occs can just make some dappers independent of NH again.

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1. Reduce the amounts of Dappers earned because actually it is ridiculous
2. Reduce drastically the supply/demand system or remove it completly

For 2, mainly because this system is made for 10k player bases, and we are like 200 on the server.


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Loved, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Request:
could we at least be teleported directly next to the NH NPCs?"

I have used the Zora and FH and Yrkanis NH to "exercise the mektoubs" by setting my destination to be Zora, FH, or Yrks, and I end up close enough to talk to the New Horizons NPC.

The point of NH in game was supposed to be to provide quick transport between the capitals and the lesser villages on the premise that each village would be settled by a group from a different language set (i.e EN, DE, FR) to enhance the opportunities for Roleplay in the towns. Naturally the players decided that it was better to settle in the capital even if Guild Halls and Apartments were more expensive there.


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It has been acknowledged long ago by the CSR team that the NH system is not meant to be an income source. The fact that it *can* be used in this fashion is a by-product, therefore the team intends to do nothing to ease the process.

(At some point, you had to hand in products 1 by 1. That was painful enough.)

So ... while I hear you, I don't think this will make the priority list.

@Bitttymacod: In some cities you do end up a bit further from the NH NPC. Try the forest ones.


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1. Reduce the amounts of Dappers earned because actually it is ridiculous
2. Reduce drastically the supply/demand system or remove it completly

For 2, mainly because this system is made for 10k player bases, and we are like 200 on the server.

1) How it is ridiculous is level-dependent. If you are at a level where Overseer missions pay out 20K or less then NH pays ridiculously well; enough so that a lot of low-level homins don't bother with other mission. But a lot of us are at the other end of the spectrum where the time and effort of occupations is comparable to missions that pay more per hour than NH pays all day, and we're simply doing occupations for points.

We could reduce the amount of dappers by a factor of 10 and still be okay. It might get folk to look for other mission-givers, like the pair of Apprentice Overseers out in Windy Head (FH) who helped me earn my first million; having folks explore and experience additional content is a good thing! And it won't affect my income any since it's pretty easy for anyone like myself with masters in at least one dig Dig and at least one Armor Craft to earn far more than NH would dream of paying.

2) There is a lot less NH traffic than anticipated. I think most of the NH trips taken these days are for folks to run down NH's supplies so that folks can earn their daily (race) points.

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We have missions from nations, guards chief etc, never used.

Would personally prefer to see players doing missions and dappers quests.
That are never ever played because of the amount of dappers NH provide easily without doing anything in a daily basis

People did work to do these missions, and some are quite okish, just they do not paid as much currently, so really i wonder..

That is why, reducing the amount of dappers could be a nice solution, even for new comers.
It can force players to open their range of "activities" to gain money etc

Problem also is missions do not pay much, its a big joke.
First time it did hit me was the mektoub mission for PvP points in Desert, you basically trek your whole toub in all zones, to get 800 pvp points.
That i can get in 2kills in 3mn..

If you transpose this example, its same with dappers.

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+1 revvy. some missions, reward is way too low for effort , hence they arent used
captain mission is garbage

overseer 200q mission is epic, so why not do it? people do it more than NH believe me :)

NH has a high reward for effort, just some annoyance(granted you need 100 fame to do well but...)

buffing other missions makes sense. i won't care if they "balance" nh as long as it's not a massive nerf (which I am guessing would be the case)

+1 G, i do NH for points, not dappers

- Bitty - given the current situation with burning down NH over and over again just to get those sweet sap crystals, i would appreciate being carried from 1 NH agent to another NH agent , directly in front of them, so I can keep running the poor toub around and wear down the system so i can get my sap crystals

yes, this is totally selfish but this is what we do with the system right now

edit to bittty:you can no longer do FH to FH to FH (same taget wont work) so FH/Zora/Yrk over and over again wont work. we need to do something like FH to crystabell to FH (etc) it's a small thing but it's a small thing that would make me happy

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